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8 September, 12:08; M.KAŠPAR, Czech Republic
Michael,you stay in circus F1,please!
8 September, 12:08; Lucka, Czech republic
Michael, stay in f1,please. You are the best. Lucka
8 September, 12:08; Stefano, Switzerland
Dear Micheal,

It has been such a great time having you as a Ferrari driver. As a "tifoso" I wish to have you in Formula One forever but, as a man, I will respect any decision you will make. Whatever it will be, I will never forget those 11 years.
Is it enough to say to you: "Thank you" ?
To the English fans who hate Schumi I say: "I understand your hate. Since Schumi came in Formula One, English teams and drivers didn't win much. If Schumi retires, you might have a bit more joy than you had over the last 11 years.
8 September, 12:08; Mathias, Germany
Lieber Michael,die Formel1 ist ohne Dich nichts mehr wert!!!
Niemand wird Dich jemals ersetzen können.Tu das Deinen Fans jetzt noch nicht an.
8 September, 12:07; Freek, Nederland
Stay&Win Schumi!
8 September, 12:07; Jan Bařina, Czech republic
Stay in Formula 1 please
8 September, 12:07; Axel Falk, Germany, KERPEN
Hey Schumi, bleib doch noch wenigstens ein Jahr..ohne Dich wird die Formel 1 in Deutschland genauso in ein tiefes Loch fallen wie damals Das Tennis als Boris Becker zurücktrat.

8 September, 12:06; Ralf, Deutschland
Fahr weiter einer muss die Jungen
doch aufmischen
8 September, 12:06; Alexander Nalobin, Russia
Please stay, Michael!
Russia likes your driving!
8 September, 12:06; Igor Bugaenko, Ukrain
I don't ask you to stay. I respect your decision. And I understand, it's not easy to become Worl Champion eight (I believe) times. But it's very pity, that those old good times will never come back. I miss of Senna/Prost epoch and I will miss of Michael epoch. You are FIGHTER and WINNER. You have nothing to prove. I wish you luck everytime and everywhere. Universe loves you. God bless you. Keep it going.
8 September, 12:06; Giedrius, Litauen
Wir alle wissen, dass nur du allein 10 mal Weltmeister werden kannst, deswegen bitte lass uns nicht allein. Und bitte zeig fur Alonso, wer ist F1 Konig :D
8 September, 12:06; Tifozis, Lithuania
YOU're the best and we idolize YOU
8 September, 12:06; Antimichael, italy
e scavati dai maroni!
8 September, 12:05; just like the shining sun, China
Michael, please stay. I can't imagine how my life will be without you. My life have changed greatly since you appeared in my life.
Hey, I think you should always be yourself, enjoying the game,however old you are. And of course, you can do it! You are the best one in the F1.
无论你的决定是怎样的,我都会支持你的选择 !!!
8 September, 12:05; Eberhard, Deutschland
Michael, wir freuen uns auf viele weitere Rennen mit Dir. Bitte mach weiter!
8 September, 12:05; Kenny Muir, Dunbog Farm, Fife, Scotland
The Bad Press that this legend has received from the UK is enough to make anyone think that he is as bad as your average criminal, utterly outrageous.
The 66 World Cup is over people, so is the World War 2. Bye Bye JV, better luck with your CD! Even Damon Hill forgets 94 & praises an Icon of Motorsport in Michael Schumacher.
He has suffered the jibes, taunts & indignation of everything that could have been thrown at him throughout his brilliant career, even the constant speculation that he gets the best parts & No 1 Driver status. We forget (conveniently) when he set the pace for his Team Mates, backed up the opposition & let Team Mates pass when he was out of the running (Irvine/Barrichello)!
I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice & despite the every day pressures he endures & the throngs of people shoving their faces into his life for Autograph’s, he was, on both occasions, an absolute Gentleman. Not so Montoya, who I had the misfortune of meeting. I couldn't get away quick enough as his own countrymen screamed at him because he ignored them like vagrants in Monaco, looking for his Autograph!
Sir Stirling Moss only won a few races in his career & has the cheek to slam Schumacher for On Track Antics, absurd!
Isn't it high time these "legends from the past" took their rightful place in society as Pensioners instead of Modern Day Critics, voicing their slices of personal philosophy (there's the World War 2 and World Cup again chaps)!
If he gives up, and it WILL be down to the nastiness of his fellow racers and unfair Press, I will quite happily never watch F1 ever again. It will be over, no characters or raw skill left, just electronic aids and "better" tyres, no driving by the seat of your pants on Slicks, V10's & skill!
Thank Goodness Damon & other Drivers buried the hatchet to suggest that he stay on. Unfortunately it is a bit too late, Happy Retirement Michael, thanks for your 15 years! Kenny Muir, Dunbog Farm, Fife, Scotland
8 September, 12:04; Jenny, Ireland
F1 wouldn't be the same without you....
8 September, 12:04; Maxim, Russia
Michael stay in F1. You are the best!
8 September, 12:04; Faisal Lalani, Pakistan
I still want all drivers to be all on one with THE GREAT ONE !!!
Michael, plz dont go. I want them to realize on every alternate weekend that they have to do a lot more to match you.
8 September, 12:04; Penny, England
Just one more championship win... please!
8 September, 12:04; Cliffie, South Africa
Michael, wie auch du entscheiden, den alle besten wunsch ich dir. Dein aufgabe hast du ganz gut ausgefuert. Du bleibt immer der besten F1 Meister der noch geleben hatte.
8 September, 12:04; Franz, Germany
Hallo Michael! Tu uns das bitte nicht an, dass du aufhörst. Deine Rennen sind einfach nur sensationell und du bist und bleibst der Beste. Ohne Dich sind die Rennen ohne Spannung. Bitte mach weiter!!!
8 September, 12:04; Stefan, Deutschland
Die Formel 1braucht dich als Superstar
8 September, 12:04; Алексей, Россия
Пора на покой!
8 September, 12:03; alfredo, alfredonia
So nasty! Go home!
8 September, 12:03; Richard, United Kingdom

Stay in F1 another season, win it and retire on top mate. We need you in ther to make it worth watching.

Long live the king!
8 September, 12:03; Jean, ireland
F1 will be far worse off without you...who will they all measure themselves against and who will they B***CH and moan about :)
8 September, 12:03; Margaret, Ireland
please stay in F1 as i'm going to my 1st Grand prix next season and am going to see you#
8 September, 12:03; KNIN, CHINA
8 September, 12:03; mickey, russia
Michael, bei weitem nicht ist aller dazugekommen, deine Meisterschaft und das Talent zu genießen... Erwarte das Jahr drei. Gewinn 10 Titel und spaziere dann!
8 September, 12:02; Birgit, Germany
Mach weiter für meinen Sohn
8 September, 12:02; Luciano FUSTINONI, Italy
Vinci questo mondiale. Poi ritirati da vincitore.
Sei e restarai un mito.
8 September, 12:02; Misty Opa, England
Please stay, you are an inspiration to us all to win, no matter what conditions we work in, what tools we have and how we feel on the day. You are a true star.
8 September, 12:02; Umberto, Italia
Please michael stay with us, because you are my idol. you are and will be the best pilot in f1 ! please ,please, please!!
8 September, 12:02; dino, dinosia
So nasty! Go home!
8 September, 12:02; Mick, Netherlands
Michael! This is not the right time to stop racing in F1. Please stay for at least a year so that we can goodbye on the tracks!! Please give us fans at least another year of you on the track!!

We all love you too much to quit F1 in this way!

8 September, 12:02; Daniele, ITALY
Rimani con noi Michael!!! Dal 1996 regali sogni a tutto il popolo ferrarista. Ormai sei uno di noi... Michael for ever!!!
8 September, 12:02; Jan, Germany
Schumi mach weiter
8 September, 12:02; Dave, Czech Republic
Michaeli rozhodně zůstaň. Jsem Tvým dlouholetým fanouškem. Takže MICHAEL FOREVER. SIMPLY THE BEST...
8 September, 12:02; Kirill, Russia
Please stay!!!
8 September, 12:02; Kresimir Hodak, Croatia
Schu, please stay in F1 and show these kids how it should be done! There will never be anyone quite like you in this sport, never ever again!
8 September, 12:01; Sarah, England
Please please stay! The best driver in F1 and the sport will be poorer and much more booring without him there, even will all the controversy he is still the best and there is no driver to match him!
8 September, 12:01; gigi, gigionia
So nasty! Go home!
8 September, 12:01; Richard van Noord, netherlands
Michael without you there is no F1, I am your fan since your first victory in Spa......... I don't want my hero to go......stay one more year .....one more year Spa....one more year fantastic F1 ........without you F1 will be death.......LONG LIVE THE LEGEND......
8 September, 12:01; Henk Badenhorst, South Africa
Schumi!! Please stay! you are the best, now show the rest that age do not count, but only makes you better at racing! you can do it!!
8 September, 12:01; Jiri, Czech Republic
Stay please Michael, ...one season.
8 September, 12:01; Frank, Deutschland
Mach weiter BITTE!
8 September, 12:01; Guenter L., Germany
Schumi Du bist der Beste. Noch eine Saison und Du hast alle Rekorde!!
8 September, 12:01; Lucas Mcentee, Asutralia
DON'T LEAVE! I was 18 and all the money i had in the bank went to fly to see you win in Jerez in 97. I can't afford to fly to see you in Brazil this year. I would hate not to see you again and can't wait to see you on Pole, set fastest lap and win in Melbourne in 07
8 September, 12:01; Jiri Stastny, Czech republic
Michael, bitte bleb doch du bist der beste!!!!!!!!
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