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7 September, 13:37; acho, Spain
Please, you are the best, stay another year in F1!!!
7 September, 13:36; Andrés88, Foro ACB
Que me devuelvan mis 100000000000000000 mensajes!

Pinchin joputa!
7 September, 13:36; Fernando Alonso, Tontolava
I hope you stay in F1 cause you are a really good person, agreeable, friend of yor friends, beauty, long penis, etc...

Please stay here.
7 September, 13:36; Acebes, España(investigando lineas)
warro que haces masturbandote en la foto?
7 September, 13:36; Alexandr, Russia
7 September, 13:35; Michael Schumacher, Germany
Don't worry, I'll stay
7 September, 13:35; Agina, China

7 September, 13:33; Foro ACB.com, CATALONIA IS SPAIN
somos una panda de Catalanes Españoles
7 September, 13:33; Fermín Romero de Torres, Foro
Moderate y quedate
7 September, 13:33; kextr, russia
Schumi go home!
Formula will be better without you!
/Nothing personal/
7 September, 13:32; Ruby Huang, China
Schumi, how can we without you!!!
7 September, 13:32; Agina, China
I cried silently this afternoon at my doom.My doommates couldn't understand why i was so depressed.Throughout the yeas ,only U have the magic to control my emotion.I 'll never forget the crazy joy U bring to me. U're my only precious GOD,FOREVER!!!

Michael,if U are still loving the game,please STAY!

whatever U do , I'll always love U.
7 September, 13:31; Catalan, Foro acb
Retirate Schumacher! (jijijijijijj)
7 September, 13:31; Stevo, Australia
You wont give up. Not yet. Ferrari needs you. One more drivers and one more constructors. Viva Scuderia Ferrari!
7 September, 13:30; Lapuerta, Piso Catalan
ese menphis ese menphis eh! eh!
7 September, 13:29; Menphis Bulls, ESPAÑA
Me da verguenza que en Catalunya se vaya con Schumi porque Alonso no es catalan, pero aun asi eres un gran piloto. Quedate
7 September, 13:29; Gregorio Burguillo, Andasulia
Maestro no te vayas, eres el único capaz de darle en los morros a frenando, además cobras un pastón por ello, seguire tus pasos, es el trabajo de mis sueños. Si desgraciadamente te retiras podrías dedicarte a la producción patata, tiene muchas salidas.

Master don´t go, you´re the chosen one to beat Alonso, also your salary is colossal, i will follow your steps, win on the alonso´s loser face is one of my dreams. If you lamentably retire could employ in the Kartoffel production, is the best job in world.

Kulunguele, kulunguele.
7 September, 13:28; Tamás Pintér, Hungary
I hope you will stay in Formula 1.
I wish you all the best from Hungary.
7 September, 13:28; Radics Zoltán, Hungary
Michael Schumacher ist König!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Légyszives maradj még te vagy a legjobb!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 13:27; Love you,Schumi., China

Schumi,please stay in Formula1.
I wanna see your smiling face…
I wanna see your “Schumi-Jump”…

Love you forever^^
7 September, 13:26; Zuzu, Hungary
Kérlek mardj!!!!Légyszives te vagy a legjobb!!!!Michael Schumacher is König!!!!
7 September, 13:26; schu_strike, Moldova
Michael you are the best pilot in the world! Go on! F1 needs you ! if you will leave f1 , all the rivals will miss a perfect opponent and an idol to beat for!
7 September, 13:26; Malo de Molina, CATALONIA IS SPAIN
Si quieres uqe siga siendo tan MALO como siempre en el foro no te retires
7 September, 13:25; hallelujah (biosaura, ganalotodo, mindundi...), Catalonia
7 September, 13:25; hallelujah (biosaura, ganalotodo, mindundi...), Catalonia
7 September, 13:22; pablo, spain
satay running michael you have to beat alonso a lot of times,
7 September, 13:21; Kate, China
Michael, I know driving is all you have.
If you don' t wanna drive anymore,
then please leave with a smiling face.
But if you still eager to drive, please stay!
You are our faith.
7 September, 13:21; Roc M, Catalonia (not Spain)
Si quieres que el foro siga vivo, no te retires
7 September, 13:19; Dixebriego, ASTURIAS
7 September, 13:18; Komlósi György, Hungary
please dont go!!! :) Schumi forever! FORZA Ferrari!
7 September, 13:17; El FACHA, España
7 September, 13:15; Larry Bird, España
Sin ti Shumacher la formula 1 no tiene sentido.
7 September, 13:15; Ciras, CN
Have no you and then have no F1
Michael Schumacher is more important than F1
7 September, 13:15; Ruben, España
No te retires Shumi, que eres 10.000 veces mejor que este tal Alonso
7 September, 13:13; fia, PRC=CHINA=CHN
Michael ,you are the best F1 driver
do not let us down
I believe you will stay in F1
7 September, 13:13; Alf, Basque Country
Please stay, You can beat Alonso.
7 September, 13:13; Tim, China
Schumi please dont leave us!
All of us LOVE you.
Please stay in F1!!!
7 September, 13:11; Deagean, China
7 September, 13:08; haguhans, CH
Es ist Zeit das Feld zu räumen! Du warst erfolgreich wie kein anderer und kannst erhobenen Hauptes den F1 Zirkus verlassen.

Es ist jetzt die Zeit der Jungen. Bye Bye Schumi
7 September, 13:04; Mosh, Deutschland
Schön, dass du endlich aufhörst.
7 September, 13:04; Sunny, China
Schumi.You are the best.Please don't leave!Please stay in F1!!! We all love you!!
7 September, 13:03; Kosztolányi József, Hungary
Schumi kérlek maradj Velünk!
Schumi please stay!
7 September, 12:59; Andrew Gladchih, Moldova
1000 реплика.
в 1000-че и неепет!

ЗЫ: Михаэль, оставайся
7 September, 12:57; greenmile, china
schumi,please don't go!
7 September, 12:56; Victor, Spain
Please Michael stay in F1!!!You are the best ,and here in Spain,I only listen Alonso and Alonso...show us that you are the best!!!!
7 September, 12:55; Norma Li, China
Please stay!
You are always the BEST! Your smile is the world!
Forza Schumi!
7 September, 12:55; Roberto Castillo, Granada - Spanien
Michael bleiben Sie bitte ein mehr Jahr und lehren Sie Kimi wie Sie in Ferrari sein

7 September, 12:50; Armin, Hungary
Michael, I wonder if all these messages will get to you, I'm really hoping they will.. The clock is ticking and all I read everywhere is that you will announce your retirement on Sunday one way or another. Why? You have done every effort to stay in shape, you have this unique gift, and the experience, plus a winning car, everything looks so perfect for you for future. Just because you have been in F1 for years does not mean you have to quit now.

Imagine how many drivers would do anything to be in your place right now, your chances for future F1 titles in upcoming years are so great! Plus YOU MADE FERRARI A WINNING TEAM, YOU BUILT THIS! It's yours, you can thank all the people that supported you all along but you can mainly thank yourself! DON'T GIVE THIS ALL UP NOW! If you still have the passion for racing and winning, which you obviously do, keep on going and we will be here with you!
7 September, 12:48; Simonné Hajni, Hungary
Akár hogyan is döntessz, te vagy a legjobb. te egy legenda vagy.de azért remélem, hogy még láthatunk!
7 September, 12:45; Oriol Borràs, Catalonia
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