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8 September, 12:17; michael first, China
Michael,you are eonian first!
8 September, 12:17; Darren, England
It has been my pleasure to personally witness you win races. You need to stay in F1. If you can win an 8th title I am sure that it will be a record that will NEVER be beaten. Go on Michael, give it another year !!
8 September, 12:16; JJ, Holland
8 September, 12:16; Nicola, UK
John Gibson, you talk so much sense!! I might even go back to watching F1 again when MS retires - the sport will become much more interesting again.
8 September, 12:16; Mandip, UK
Micheal, I would love to see you race again, and see you on the top step of the podium with my own eyes! Please, one more year, show the youngsters how it's done!
8 September, 12:16; Alessandra, Italia
Michael, ci hai fatto sognare, rimani con noi, non mollare.
8 September, 12:16; Andy, United States
Stay for one more season. Give the fans a chance to say thanks for all the great times you have given us over the years. A farewell tour, so to speak.

Either way, we must respect your decision and wish you the best in whatever you choose. God bless.
8 September, 12:15; Robo, Philippines
Michael, undang na tawon noy, tiguwang na ka.
8 September, 12:15; Tej, South Africa
Michael, you've given us years of the most exilirating, exciting, world-class driving. Good luck to you in your decision, and obviously I would like you to stay, but whatever the decIsion is, YOU THE MAN!!!!!!
8 September, 12:15; Andy, Italy
You gave this sport courage, passion and method.
Keep on doing it for another year...for your "Tifosi"..
You would win other races...
8 September, 12:15; Sascha, Deutschland
Bitte mach noch weiter Schumi!!! Jedes Rennwochenende sitzen wir mit der ganzen Familie in Rot vorm TV um dir die Daumen zu drücken. Du bist immer noch der beste und das solltest du den Leuten noch 1-2 Jahre beweisen.
8 September, 12:15; tifa you, china
8 September, 12:15; Garth Stewart, South Africa
F1 will be nothing with out you!!
8 September, 12:14; Kristofer, Sweden
F1 is nothing without the master = you! Stay!! I cant imagine the feeling watching the first race next season, with no Michael on the grid. Its going to be a very sad feeling...
8 September, 12:14; Hanna, Germany
Ja hau Alonso weg Mann!!!
8 September, 12:14; Vikas, India
Please stay Michael, We wudnt want you quitting, not after where you got F1 to .

You symbolise F1, and it would be F1's biggest loss ever if you left them.
8 September, 12:14; buky, ceska republika
uz by jsi mohl odejit.....tvuj cas nastal:D:D:D
8 September, 12:14; nerijus, Lithuania
Paislik shumi esi geriausia! :D
8 September, 12:14; johanna, Germany
Wenn Du gehst müssen Millionen Ihr WE neu planen!!! Hab doch Gnade mit uns!!!
8 September, 12:14; prepaidkönig, brd
michi, wenn du gehst machen die sonntage keinen spass mehr. du bist der beste, zeigs dem spanier !!!

Schumi rules !!!!

8 September, 12:14; Remyga, Lithuania
8 September, 12:13; Андрей, Россия
Михаэль пожалуйсто останься в гонках формулы 1!!!
Без тебя гонки потеряют всякий смысл!!!
Ты нужен болельщикам России!!!
8 September, 12:13; Shen Tuo, CHINA
SCHUMI~~~~~~~Please stay in F1.
You are the best.
8 September, 12:13; Milazim Shabani, U K
please Michael stay if you go all your fans will miss yoyu so much,
I can't see whey shuold you go thereisn't other driver on the paddock better than you so keep going for more years
8 September, 12:13; Vincenzo, Italia
Da Senna in avanti sei stato il solo capace di far provare emozioni forti e sentimenti esplosivi. Per piacere, resta! E poi ricordati che c'è un ultimo record da battere, e non puoi che essere tu l'unico a batterlo: quello delle presenze ai GP. Al momento il recordman è Riccardo Patrese, con 256 presenze dal 1977 al 1993. Ora rocca a te!
8 September, 12:13; Candice, China
please stay,schumi
you are our sky....
no mater how,
i just want to say,thank you,schumi...
i live a wonderful life because of you...
love you forever
现在才知道,从9岁开始,所有的选择 都因为你 因为一个红色的梦想....
永远的 法拉利
永远的 舒马赫....
ferrari forever...
schumi forever....
8 September, 12:13; John Gibson, United Kingdom
I am pleased that Kenny Muir will no longer be watching F1 when Michael Schumacher retires. This means that the ratio of genuine fans of the sport vis-a-vis glory seekers who latch on to Schumacher's coat-tails will be restored to its pre-1994 level.
8 September, 12:13; 草莓, 中国
Schumi留下吧,我们全中国车迷都挽留你,没有 你的比赛就失去了意义了,拜托啊~~
8 September, 12:13; Giuliano COGONI, ITALIA

8 September, 12:13; Julia, Russia
You are the Best
Please stay
8 September, 12:13; Mirek, Republique Tcheque
Michale zůstaň !!!Jsi nejlepší!!!!
8 September, 12:12; Andrey, Russia
МишА! Останься в формуле1!!!)
8 September, 12:12; raimis, lithuania
please stay you are the best
8 September, 12:12; Viktor, Latvia
Michael,remember Nigel Mansel! You is yet joung enough!
8 September, 12:12; JAN, GER
Michael... Would be great if you would stay, as you are the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. Nobody can drive and develope a car like you do.

Would love to see you whipping Alonso's butt next year.
8 September, 12:12; YAQING, CHINA
I cannot controy my tear now ,because i know you may go!Can you see my words?please!!!!!!!!!!JUST STAY WITH US!
8 September, 12:12; Colin Forrest, England
F1 will not be the same without you
Please stay and show them they have not seen nothing yet.
But if you decide to go good luck in what ever you decide to do
8 September, 12:12; Bocius, Lithuania
please stay
8 September, 12:12; Nicola, UK
You're all weird. Reading some of the quotes from you make me realise why I went off F1 a few years ago. One person attempting to dominate the sport isn't fun. He is not a king & F1 would carry on without him (yes, its hard to believe - but honestly it will).
Let some real talent have a good at the title, rather than one cheating git who thinks the world of F1 owes him a favour. Word up Micheal - it doesn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 12:11; Slavek, Czech Republic
Michael I have your signiture from Brno 1986. You are the Best on the World
8 September, 12:11; Frank Pielhop, Germany
Please 2 more years
8 September, 12:11; Pavel, Ukraine
I can't imagine F1 without Michael Schumacher! Stay!
8 September, 12:11; Stan Krashevsky, Russia
Michael, please, stay in F1. We need you.
8 September, 12:11; Tartar, Russia
Michael, Please leave Fomula-1. Allow another to play enough much. In a F-1 enough talented pilots, besides you.
8 September, 12:11; B.Mrkva, Czech Republick
Michael,you stay in circus F1,Plese!
8 September, 12:11; rizmy mokhtar, UK
Simply the best ! You will be missed !
8 September, 12:10; Gytis, Lithuania
Michael, please stay in F-1!!! :(
8 September, 12:10; jan, czech
MICHAEL you are the best pilot in f1 ,you are my idol.Please stay please,please,please,please
8 September, 12:10; Hanna, Germany
Bleib in der F1!!! Wir alle gucken nur jedes WE deinetwegen!!!
8 September, 12:10; anton, russian Federation
Please, please, please, please, please stay
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