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8 September, 12:26; Kenny Muir, Scotland
Guys, Guys, Guys.... Make an effort. There are little sites for tiny minds and you clearly emphasise my point by using such a decent site for personal slagging matches (same as the minority in F1 really)!
Now, off you pop and see if you can find gainful employment and string a sentence together that would actually be worthwhile reading where such a subject matter is concerned.
No huffs now, we're all Big Boys and should be able to take onboard others sentiments without gritting teeth and hating people we don't even know, HMmm?
Lift your knuckles off the floor now, there's a couple of beauties.
Bye for now - Kenny
8 September, 12:26; fabio, Italy
Rimani...non andartene!!!!
8 September, 12:26; ken, netherlands
you may only leave as a champion again
8 September, 12:26; Fernado Alonso, Spain
You #@&*%* retire NOW, I need to win this season
8 September, 12:25; isaak, italy
la ferrari ha fatto grande schumacher! w kimi
8 September, 12:25; Masood Subhan Sait, India
F1 will be boring and dull Without Michael
8 September, 12:25; Rudi Le Grange, South Africa
Come on Shumi, I'd love to see you smash all teams to bits for another couple of years, or at least till I can afford see the best beating the rest in real life!!
8 September, 12:25; Yevgeny Ionov, Russia
Michael, no matter what you decide to do, you will always be the first in the royal racing, but it would be a pleasure to see you burn the track for at least one more season.
8 September, 12:25; massimo, italy
ˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ ˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ ˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ
8 September, 12:24; Jeffrey Archer, UK
The world needs honest people like us. Maybe we can do an advert together.
8 September, 12:24; E Black, England
Dear Mr Schumacher. leaving F1 will be a massive blow to myself and many others. I had the pleasure of watching you race at Silverstone for the first time this year. It would be even better to see you win next year. To watch you race against Kimi next year will be a massive challenge and will be a fantastic spectacle. You have proved time and time again that you're capable and hungry. F1 is the only sport (the only programme) I watch on television. Please don't listen to sports pundits, listen to us. You are F1. Like you or not everyone admits that you're the reason for the interest.

Thank you for everything.

One more year
8 September, 12:24; Mike Benton, England
Stay! We love you really in spite of evrything!
8 September, 12:24; Master, Czech republic
Do not leave, i like F1 and i dont want to see that f.u.c.ked Alonso winning...
8 September, 12:24; silviu, Romania
Michael please stay
8 September, 12:24; Roam, China
Schumi,I think you will make a bright decision.I will always right here,supporting you whether you leave or stay. But I still want to say,DONT GO....Please stay...at least one year more...please.....
8 September, 12:24; Oscar Kaye, Switzerland
The greatest of all time. I dont believe this bull about retiring at the top. He has already achieved all to do but shame to retire when still so fast.
8 September, 12:24; Federico, Italy
Ti vogliamo ancora come pilota Ferrari ....
Stay to drive whith Ferrari please
8 September, 12:23; deepak.a.c, india
ppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaa aaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee DONT LEAVE F1....
8 September, 12:23; Евгений, Россия
Чем больше ты в гонках,тем дольше тебя будут помнить !!!
Преврати эту память в вечность !!!
Ты лучший !!!
Не уходи !!!
8 September, 12:23; Serhiy Kononov, Ukraine
Preved Mike!
Resta con Noi!
8 September, 12:23; Darren, UK

Please stay your the best ever, no one can match your speed or skill, and with 2007 and all teams on Bridgestone tyres, you shall show them all the way round each and every track....stay in F1, it needs you !
8 September, 12:23; Lucia, England
Michael, you ARE Ferrari and you ARE Formula One.
Please don't leave!
8 September, 12:23; janos liptai, hungary
8 September, 12:23; Lanre Peters, UK
Michael, as far as I am concerned, you leave FI, that's the end of the sport and Uncle Bernie's empire! You've still got much to deliver and still too young too deliver and life begins at 40 really, so please stay for a few more years
8 September, 12:22; say of michael first, China
No,alonso it's eonain donkey!
8 September, 12:22; David Krejza, Czech Republic
Without you will be Formule1 just regular race. Stay in to safe this fenomen.
8 September, 12:22; Eduard, Ukrain
Мы Все верим в тетя и очень хотим видит твои победы еще долго.
Я не представляю Ферари без тебя !!!
Успехов тебе!!!
8 September, 12:21; Jared, Scotland
You have to answer to no-one. You've done more for the sport than any other driver I know. It would be great if you stayed on but I fully understand if you go. Just like to say thanks for 15 great years...I personally wouldn't have stuck with it had you not been around. The sport will go on but it wont see the likes of you again. There are a lot people who should be privileged to have raced with you but prefer to whine about you. Good luck for the future whatever your decision Michael. Thanks again.
8 September, 12:21; lucky, INDIA
8 September, 12:21; Francesco, Italia
Please remain with us, and win!
Per favore, rimani con noi, e vinci!
8 September, 12:21; Alex, Austria
Schumacher - The legend never dies!
8 September, 12:21; Markus, Germany
Nach 7 Titeln abdanken? Nö. Hol dir den Titel in diesem Jahr, hänge noch 2 Jahre dran und mache die 10 voll. Der erfolgreichste Rennfahrer aller Zeiten bist du jetzt schon. Aber dann wärst du eine Legende (wenn du das nicht jetzt schon bist)

Du hast Ferrari wieder zu dem gemacht, was sie jetzt sind. Du BIST Ferrari.
8 September, 12:21; Manal Hassan, UK
micheal please stay you have been such an abasodor for the sport,please stay you still the best and then go after wining the world champion for the 8th time please stay stay stay stay stay.
8 September, 12:20; E.Hermanns, germany
Der Beste aller Zeiten!
8 September, 12:20; Stefano, Italy
Please, Michael can stay in Formula 1 for other 2 years?
8 September, 12:20; Ujjwal, india
Do not retire,i just want to see you in the race.now it does not matter wheather you win or not because you have already proved your greateness.
just a simple request.."PLEASE DO NOT RESTIRE" be in F1
8 September, 12:20; darrenoffolkestone, england
dont go we need a driver like mic hes fun fast and unpredictable to watch stay with ferrari and keep the dream team alive
8 September, 12:19; Felipe Massa, San Paulo
Michael, are you still here?!?

Auf weidersehen mein host.

8 September, 12:19; lucky, india
michael plz stay in formula one/if u eill go nothing will left in formula one.U are THE IKON.
8 September, 12:19; Darius L, Lithuania
Please stay!!! Without u, f1 is just 50% left...
8 September, 12:19; Barry, Indonesia
why everybody is asking for ONLY one more season?
make it for a perfect 10, Michael... physically you can do it. and i KNOW you STILL have the desire and the passion.
so, stay for 2 (if you win the championship this season) or 3 (if you are unlucky to win win it this season) more seasons and win them all!!!
then you will become an eternal, untouchable legend...
8 September, 12:18; michael first, China
And Alonso is eonain first!
8 September, 12:18; bububu, rf
stay. please.
8 September, 12:18; Giampiero, italia
Hai fatto grandissima la Ferrari, non lasciarci, RESTA!
8 September, 12:18; Gruber, Germany
8 September, 12:18; Brendon Venter, South africa
Hey Schumi. Please dont leave F1. Its the only reason for me to support Formula 1. Seeing the best driver in the world in action breaking record after record is great to watch.

We Love you down here in South Africa.
8 September, 12:18; johnson, chain
SCHUMI~~~~~~~Please stay in F1.
8 September, 12:18; Andy, UK
He should stay for three reasons:

1) If he wins this year's title, to come back and defend it;
2) If Alonso wins, Schumacher should come back to claim it back
3) To announce that he will retire at the end of 2007 no matter what
8 September, 12:18; 沈熙旻, 中国——China
你离开的那天就是我的末日,我希望那天永远 不要到来~
8 September, 12:18; Alexander Gorchakov, Russi
Michael, bez tebya formula1 ctanet formula(-1). Ne uhodi pozhalujsta!
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