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8 September, 04:06; schumiking, china
Schumi you can't leave us!!!!
8 September, 04:05; Nigel J. Higenbottam, Canada
Micheal, you have achieved mor than anyon else in Formula 1 but as great as you are I truly believe that you should go out on top. Win or loose the championship this year, you will always be the greatest Foemula 1 driver of ALL time and maybe that's as good as it needs to be, so only stay if your truly feel that you can continue to achieve great things.
It has been a pleasure watching you perform over the years , but I am sure you already know if the best is now behind you.
Enjoy the pleasures you have worked so hard to achieve.
8 September, 04:05; 周汐盈, china
你已经伴随我六年,我不希望在第七年还未开 始时就看见你的离去,我宁可等到七年之痒后^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^
8 September, 04:04; VILSON, MONTENEGRO

8 September, 04:03; Gao, china
Schumi =F1
8 September, 04:01; roman, russia
michael do whatever you want
8 September, 04:01; Allan, USA
Michael - you should not retire until you have won your 10th Driver's Title, and not a moment before! Let those other pretenders to your throne choke on that!
8 September, 04:00; Stealth Vitus, Russia
At least more 5 years....
You are the best....
F1 without is not F1 that all of us now...
8 September, 04:00; lucy, usa
Schumacher retire from F1 say it ain't so!
NO please Michael please don't go!

Forza Schumi
Forza Ferrari
8 September, 03:59; Anthony Teo, Singapore
Micheal you are still young to go for a few more years of fun racing.
8 September, 03:59; Jakub, Czech Republic
Michael, please leave the F1 world as soon as possible, yesterday was already too late.
Clean the place for younger drivers, Alonso etc.
8 September, 03:58; Andrš Petr, cz
8 September, 03:56; raghu, india
micheal u have been god of racing and u should not retire this early there are millions of souls praying for u not 2 retire, me being one of them
8 September, 03:56; vian, China
If it's possible, don't go, shumi! F1 is still your world. We all need you. However, I respect your decision and support it. Michael, please do what can make you happy.
8 September, 03:55; Clarence Huang, China
Schumi !I can't bear my life without you! Again please! Again please! Again please! Again Please! Again please! Again please! Again please! Again please! Again please!
8 September, 03:54; michaela, italy
Schumi please don't go. You're still the best driver in the world. F1 needs you but more importantly Ferrari and the millions of Tifosi need you and love you.

Please don't leave us, I beg you. Kimi is good but he's nothing compared to you. Your helped rebuild Ferrari and bring the team back to her former glory. And for this, I along with the millions of Ferrari fans all over the world thank you and will be forever greatful. Italy has adopted you as one of our own. PLEASE MICHAEL, PLEASE DON'T GO
8 September, 03:54; dmensch, usa
If you do stay, at least quit cheating on the track!
8 September, 03:53; Marc, Philippines
Michael, please stay for the good of the sport. You are one of the prime reasons that a lot of people watch the Grand Prix.
8 September, 03:53; Aditya, Narayanan
Dont Quit Schu... You still have it in you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plzzzzzz Schu.... Millions of fan beckon. ......
8 September, 03:52; SecYa, China
I love Schumi!
8 September, 03:52; Colin, New Zealand
Michael, if you retire I think I'll retire from watching F1 as well - it just won't be worth watchig without you. Thanks also for all the good times over previous years.
8 September, 03:52; SecYa, china
I love Schumi!
8 September, 03:51; Julian E. Sanchez, Argentina
Please, stay with us almost one year more!!!! you`re the best pilot ever, and you gave back all the glory to Ferrari....one more time, please keep racing!!!!!!!! WE ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU!!!!
WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 03:51; Valeriy, Russia
Михаеэль. останься, ты последний из великих гонщиков, мы не хотим начала эры компьютерных водителей.
Michael, please STAY !
8 September, 03:50; chetak, India
Schumi , the sport will never be the same without you !! PLEASE STAY !!!!
8 September, 03:48; Vegar Weckhorst, Norway
Michael, please stay in F1 forever! I'm your most loyal fan and I love you. If you ever want to chat, you can find me under the alias Tifosi3 on F1-live.com. Don't retire until you make it 10 titles and 100 wins at least!!!
8 September, 03:48; Vasily, Russia Federation
I know you from my childhood, don't be a stubint, please, STAY!
8 September, 03:48; sam, Russia, Omsk
Михаэль! Хочется видеть тебя минимум - 10-кратным чемпионом!
Ты уже стал легендой формулы 1! Но не прерывай свое победное шествие! У тебя впереди еще очень много побед, брзг шампанского и чемпионских титулов!
Без тебя формула опустеет, думаю, с этим согласятся многие! Прими правильное решение - останься!
8 September, 03:47; Stef, Canada
Michael please don't leave your fans now! Let me salute you in a better way then I did next summer in Montréal for the last time!
8 September, 03:47; A. Wilson, India
Stay on in F1, coz F1 would be much poorer without Michael.
From what we have seen from US GP there is need to retire coz u still have another 3-4 years of racing left. We need u Michael, F1 needs u.
8 September, 03:47; 露露, 中国
舒米 请你留下来吧
8 September, 03:45; Ludovico, Italy
schumi not to leave the formula one,without you is nothing. we could not never watch a formula one without of you, the fan of all the world and the formula one has need you ........ not to leave us micheal, not to leave us alone.Micheal forever the number one in the world,Schumi the world loves to you............thank you don`t leave schumi
8 September, 03:45; mandy, china
Michael! Please stay in F1.
8 September, 03:45; Leon QIAN, CHINA
Schumi: don't go ............
8 September, 03:45; Jo, China
Shumi,Please stay! we need you!
8 September, 03:44; Preetam Sagane, India
Please don't go,40 is the new 30 now and you still have many years of racing,alonso and kimi are kids compared to you,we love watching you race and love you.
8 September, 03:44; Ula, China
Schumi don't go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 03:44; 希, China
8 September, 03:43; songnan, china,pr
just stay for last championship
8 September, 03:43; Yin Hong, China
We love you!Please stay in F1!Please!!!
8 September, 03:41; Bob, Pakkistan
You'll whip Kimi's a***
next year. How can you even think about retirement? If stupid Montizmelo doesn't appreciate your gifts, go to another team and put everyone in their place!
8 September, 03:40; sally, china
Michael! Please stay in F1. We love you.
8 September, 03:40; Ruby, Huang
Michael, please...
8 September, 03:39; Tracy, Australia
Michael, time to go!! your time has passed and i think you should leave f1 on a high rather now, rather than a low next year or the year after!!!
Kimi will be the next world champion!!!
8 September, 03:38; asianboy, Singapore
You are the reason i started watching F1 and dont leave your fan behind....Just stay till you can race.
8 September, 03:38; Arthur, Russia
You're the GREAT racer, you're still young and the fastest racer in F1. The races will be bored without you. Please stay, You are god in formula one
8 September, 03:37; Luke, Australia
Time to retire mate, go spend some of that hard earned cash of yours in Monaco lol.. :P
8 September, 03:37; Kjo, New Zealand
4 more years!!
8 September, 03:34; ruby, China
We love you,please stay!!!
8 September, 03:34; Andrew D. Smith, USA
After watching motorsports for 40 years(all disclipines),I have to admit that you are the best to come along.Do WRC,or come over here and show our NASCAR drivers what proper car skills are all about.But above all,enjoy your family and your success.
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