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8 September, 05:12; Dima, Russia
Go home Michael, go home...
8 September, 05:12; sally, china
Come on. Stay in F1 with your inspirations and passions.... Though it's your life and you can decide where to go but... at least one more year Michael.
8 September, 05:11; James, UK
you are a disgrace
8 September, 05:11; Simon, Australia
F1 needs you, Michael. F1 can't stand to lose a living ledgend.
Ask anyone from the business, ask anyone in the media or ask any F1 fan anywhere in the world and you will get the same response.
Michael, dont leave us!
8 September, 05:10; Jorge, Orlando, USA
Michal, you are a God, please stay.. beside I owe some one too many lunches for all you wins.
8 September, 05:09; Cunale Capur, india
please stay
8 September, 05:09; li zheng, China
If you like F1 forever.Please stay.
8 September, 05:09; Alex, Germany
I could not agree more - I have been embarassed to associate with you as a fellow German over the years. Do the decent thing for once and get off our screens!!
8 September, 05:08; Pete, USA
You cheat
You lie
You are no great sportsman
I wish you had retired years ago
8 September, 05:07; Lei He, China
Stay with us, the real champion of F1
8 September, 05:06; John Phizacklea, UK
M ichael PLEASE continue next year, you have too much still to give. Your Passion for the sport is still very much alive. Please dont make Sunday a Sad day,
Your NOT ready to quit, that is obvious.
If you are not on the grid I will probably not bother watching anymore. PLEEEEEASE STAY
8 September, 05:06; kikune, china
I need you forever!
Good luck in monza!
Please stay in f1!!!
I need you,We need you
8 September, 05:05; Bino, USA
8 September, 05:05; qinchaonan, China
Don't go,bitte!!!

Ich liebe dish!!!
8 September, 05:04; Rodrigo Reyes, Chile
Don't retire....Keep fighting....!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 05:04; Oleg Grekhov, Russia
Michael!!! Now to you perdstait to make the important decision to remain or leave. It is your life and to make this decision only to you. All is connected with your name in the formula 1 practically. You have achieved the most important - with you respect, you love and at you uchatsja. There are many people - your admirers for which the formula 1 will end with your leaving. I one of them. The formula has come to my life with peh times as you have come to these sports. I guess that here many persuade you to remain. I too among them. But it is your life both your decision. And this decision is reputable. Also as all your career and is reputable for achievement. You great sportsmen, the great racer and very good person. I very much want that you have remained. Today this my strongest desire. And I very much want that you have won. (forgive me for my bad English)
8 September, 05:03; Mia, Brasil
affitaszardenm hemorro idas doenm, Michael!!!!!!
8 September, 05:03; Carsten, USA
Don't go. Race only one more time/season. You are the driving force behind the sport!
8 September, 05:02; Kreuz, China
Michael, I've been watching you on the track for 12years, half my life already. All these years give me a lot, happiness, sadness, wins and loses, these all will exist as part of my life. There haven't been anyone has done as well as you, you are the only worship for me.

Since I knew you as a little girl, you're not only an idol for me, but more like a family menber. And because I want to have a chance to become your team member, I tried to pursue a diplomat of automobile engineering. Though it didn't come true, I still hope that one day I could have the luck, and I'm now fight for this.

I know that the decision you'll announce this weekend is a hard choice for you, and for all of us, and I hope it's a choice you really want. No matter what you choose, I will give you all my wishes.

I will go to Shanghai this october to watch you racing, whatever decision you have made. And I also hope that I can watch you racing in Europe next year, for bringing yourself and us more joy.

I always have a dream to talk with you. Michael, if you could see this, please believe me and remember, I will DEFINITETY meet you someday, in person!
8 September, 05:00; Shankarapandian Muthukumar, India
You are the best - racing or motivating the team or strategies. You got brains and balls - you're the most complete driver F1 has ever seen and will ever see. Thanks for all these years - we'll respect your decision. Love you.
8 September, 04:59; Rob, Sweden
I want to wish you good luck for the rest of this season and looking forward to see you and Ferrari getting both titles. I am looking forward to here the information on sunday that you are racing next year as well because I can't see another decision from you and the team to continue racing......
8 September, 04:59; Bill, Australia
Good luck and best wishes to you Michael, regardless of your decision.

Earlier this week the world lost a great man in Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" - a man who dreamed and inspired others!

Micheal, God has given you the same gift. The joy and inspiration you provide to others is immense - thank you.

May you, like Steve Irwin, always remain in our hearts!

Forza Ferrari!
8 September, 04:57; Stuart, Australia
You are a great driver but a poor human being. Your antics this season have merely confirmed what I have thought since you took Hill off on 95. You insist on cheating to stay ahead.
The sooner you retire the better and the sport can return to being a sport, with true sportsmen for competitors (well, at least be closer to it than with you still lining up on the grid)
8 September, 04:56; Jmch, China
No Michael,No World~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
8 September, 04:56; DONALD, CHINA
8 September, 04:56; franco valli, canada
michael sei sempre stato e ancora sei il migliore!!!!!quest.anno una brutta malattia mi ha impedito di vederti in pista ho dovuto accontentarmi della televisione...se rimani sara' molto bello venire a vederti a montreal, indianapolis, spa e monza...forza shumi
8 September, 04:55; Юрий Жабин, Казахстан
Михаэль! Останься пожалуйста! Думаю еще нет достойной замены тебе - такого же быстрого и таланливого гонщика как ты - после твоего ухода будет скучноо...
8 September, 04:54; Shirley, Canada
Don't retire....Keep fighting....!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 04:53; Niki·Wang, China,shan
Schumi, please stay in F1~!!!
We all believe you!!!
8 September, 04:53; Andrey Denisenko, Russia
Michael, ты был лучшем на протяжении последних 15 лет, ты всегда нас удивлял и поражал. Не всегда возможно победить и твои поступки не всегда вызывали однозначную реакцию, но всегда было ясно – ты ЧЕМПИОН! Я уверен, что еще не один год ты можешь радовать своих поклонников за рулем самых быстрых машин на планете!

Michael, you were the best during the last 15 years and
always surprised and impressed us. The victory is not always possible, and your ways were not always clear, but one thing was always clear - you are the CHAMPION! I am convinced, that for many more years to come, you can keep bringing joy to your fans behind the wheel of the most fast cars on the planet!
8 September, 04:52; Baapo, Montreal, Canada
Do it for your fans Michael, please stay, you're still the best, without you F1 will just be boring, who's going to take on Alonso and Raikonen...
8 September, 04:52; scott, canada
Michael don't retire your the best driver ever...
8 September, 04:51; amy, China
Stay in Formula1!
We all love you,Schumi!
8 September, 04:50; Krista, Canada
Pleasssssssssssssssse Michael do not retire.
You make formula 1 exciring....
Good luck in whatever you decide....!!!!!!!
8 September, 04:50; Wayne, Australia
Michael please don't retire, I've followed F1 for 15 years and I can't imagine the grid without your name on it. 1 more year Mike PLEASE.
8 September, 04:49; Phil, Australia
Michael, you achievements are supreme in the sporting world, it has been a privelege to witness your career, it would be shame for it to end, i'm sure there is plenty of fight left in you, please continue.
8 September, 04:46; evian, shanghai
Michael, don't go。Please don't leave us!~~~
8 September, 04:46; Aida, Kirgizstan
Мы любим тебя. Михаэль ты лучший среди гонщиков F-1. Ты должен остаться, чтобы подарить нам все лучшее, мы болеем только за тебя!!! Останься
8 September, 04:45; FireStone, RUSSIA
MICHAEL!!!! Don't leave! PleasE!!!!!!
8 September, 04:44; MIGUEL ALVAREZ S, CHILE
8 September, 04:43; rachel, china
Don't leave us,please!
8 September, 04:39; Fiona, New Zealand
Please don't go
8 September, 04:39; Grace, China
michael, please don't go!You're the best!
8 September, 04:39; tuotuo, China
You are so good!You are my god!You are important for F1
Stay~~~~~~~~~~my super star
8 September, 04:39; Brian, Ward
Michael, I have nothing but the highest admiration for a person that leaves a team (Benetton/Renault 1995) after winning both F1 world championships (constructors & drivers) for Ferrari! a team that hadn’t won a constructors championship since 1983 or a drivers championship since 1979.
You are the inspiration in Ferrari so well done, you truly put the “champ” in champion. Please stay.

P.S. Valentino Rossi also reminds me of what a real champ is.
8 September, 04:38; rado stefanka, usa
8 September, 04:38; cracy, china
please,don't leave us!
see you next year in china!
8 September, 04:37; Bob O Connell, Ireland
You are too young and too talented to quit. Bang in a couple of more WDCs Michael.

Ciao Bob
8 September, 04:33; Dennis, Sweden
Of course I would like Michale to stay, he's F1 and the greatest driver of all times. It's funny to hear all these "love to hate him" now realise that F1 will not be the same if he leaves.
8 September, 04:33; jos, canada
F1 without Micheal... all the other guys out there are not true champions, withOUT Micheal, F1 championship would mean NOTHING for a couple of years!!! At least one more year Micheal!
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