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8 September, 13:27; Alex, Romania
Don't do it Michael! Not like that! You can win it couple of more times. You must demonstrate that you are the best in 3 different F1 development stages.

There will be nobody like you!
You are up there along with Senna, Aggassi, George Best...

You are unique in our hearts. You gave us reason to watch F1 for almost 15 years. Give us another 5.
Come on Schumi, for old times sake, do it one more time!
8 September, 13:27; jeroen vleugels, Belgium
at least 1
8 September, 13:27; Steven Holdsworth, england
Leave and about time too and let the true sportsmen show what F1 is all about. The sport can do without your cheating ways.
8 September, 13:27; Andrew D Flemingtion, Saudi Arabia
I want to see you soundly beaten by Raikkonen next year. You have never allowed another competetive driver to race in the same car as you. As a convicted cheat I will be happy to see you humiliated before you retire. Please stay.!!!!!!!
8 September, 13:27; eric, Germany
Micheal gO gO gOOOOOO on - Dont cancel racing - PLEASE!!!!
8 September, 13:26; Gary, Hong Kong
Michael, you are the best F1 driver in the world. I don't see age is a problem since you are very competitive. You could go on and win more championship for us.
8 September, 13:26; JULIET FROM CHINA, China中国
8 September, 13:26; ouou, CHINA
We want you to stay!!!
8 September, 13:26; 郁晓露, China
8 September, 13:26; cici, china
you are the only king,please
we love you 我们爱你
8 September, 13:26; Jānis, Latvia
Varēji jau vēl kādu laiciņu pabraukt...!
8 September, 13:26; Sima, Hungary
Please stay, I want to see Raikkonen as your teammate beating you on every bloody event of next year's calendar..
8 September, 13:26; rob beazley, uk
8 September, 13:26; Frida Calvino, Cologne, Germani
Watching you on the track makes me breathless, it is art, perfection, strength and you never give up, no matter which car you are driving: out there to be the fisrt. Life is made of chapters and you may wish to start a new one..but please, not now
8 September, 13:26; DAvide, Italy
Michael, please let we dream again....
8 September, 13:25; Martin, Czech Republic
Please stay! You are F1.
It would be boring without you.Keep driving,keep winning!!!!
8 September, 13:25; Philip Georgiev, Bulgaria
You gave me all the trills, without you F1 will not be the same
8 September, 13:25; Vito, Italy
Forza Schumi.... you are the greatest
8 September, 13:25; Alessia Pisicchio, italia
Dai maike devi arrivare lameno a 10 mondiali!!!
Continua a vincere
8 September, 13:25; Pippa, UK
You just CANT go it wont be the same with out you!!! sniff :(
8 September, 13:25; Leonardo Bellonzi, Brasil
Forza Schumi resta. Hai molte risorse da mettere in campo.
8 September, 13:25; Nach V, ENGLAND
Do not retire. Win your 8th title, sign up for 2 more years and leave F1 with 10 World Championships
8 September, 13:25; JULIET FROM CHINA, China中国
8 September, 13:25; Sopie_wang, China
Whereever you go, wo will follow you!
8 September, 13:25; kris swertvaegher, belgium
I saw you for the first time at the belgium gp in '91,
i've been impressed ever since. You certainly haven't lost any of your skills , only gained a lot of experience. You are without any doubt the best gp-driver. Stay !!
8 September, 13:25; Ioana, Romania
Formula 1 would change its name without you. Maybe it`ll become Formula 2. Please stay at least one more year and make us happy winning another title,beside that of this year, you can do it because you are the best. So please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please don`t leave f1, not now !!!
8 September, 13:24; Mihai, Romania
Michael please continue .You are still number 1!!!!!
8 September, 13:24; Helmut Rathmayr, Austria
Michael, du mußt noch in der Formel 1 bleiben. Wer soll sonst den Alonso Parole bieten. Die Formel 1 braucht so charismatische, schillernde Typen wie dich. Zeig den leuten, dass du auch neben Kimi bestehen kannst.
8 September, 13:24; simone pisicchio, italia
Michael il mio papà dice che tu sei il più grande e che devi continuare a correre.Simone 2 anni
8 September, 13:24; Martin Ralev, Bulgaria
Shimi please don`t give up !
8 September, 13:24; mycoast, 中国
Schumi,your fans are in every corner of the world,
but wherever we are,we all hope you not leave,
please stay at formula1 even if only one year
8 September, 13:24; Greg, Austria
Bleib BITTE noch ein paar Jahre......... Die Fans brauchen dich
8 September, 13:23; 张运佳, 中国CHN
Please stay 'cause the sports and we need you!
8 September, 13:23; Aashish, India
Schumi, you are the best ever........ Please dont go Schumi.................Please
8 September, 13:23; Aaron, New Zealand
Michael Schumacher. Schumi. The man who claimed to have never understood the concept of "hero", became a hero to millions.

What, then, is a hero? The definition is as varied as the people of the world, but one thing is for certain: When a person emerges from history who transcends so much, who displays a talent or genius so relentless, and who ascends to a level of greatness so improbable, we look at our world with renewed spirit. For, whatever higher power or force we might believe in, it has given us something, a person, to prove to us all just what humankind can accomplish. What new limits might we aspire to reach? When we are forced to reconsider what is possible we are brought to the realisation that there is so much more to come from ourselves. The word "inspiration" is often an overused superlative. But Schumi inspires greatness in all of us.

I too never believed in heroes. Then, one day, I found one.

However, we now stand at the crossroads. The hero must decide his future. With nothing left to prove, what's to stop him leaving F1? Yet maybe... maybe the best is still to come. 2007: An ample opportunity to win another championship - no one doubts Ferrari will be strong. But why stop at 8/9 championships? 2008: What critic could downplay the stamina to win 10 championships? Let us not underestimate what it takes to win even one championship, no matter how good the car.

In 2008 F1 cars will have slick tyres and no traction control, conditions under which I believe Schumi will excel. He knows Ferrari have an advantage in traction control technology so he remains in favour of it. Yet, ironically, one of the factors in Ferrari's success is the very thing that has robbed us of seeing Schumi's true brilliance. His throttle control is one of his biggest strengths. It is my only dream to once more see Schumi drive a Formula One car of a purer spirit.

But even more important than all of this, is a simple fact: Schumi, your time has simply not yet come.
8 September, 13:23; Tomas, Ceska Republika
Schumi ukaz vsem ze jsi nejlepsi!!Vyhrej mistovstvi odejdi na vrcholu!!!!Jsi super jezdec a budes vsem chybet.
8 September, 13:23; Sabrina Kümper, Germany
Lieber Michael!
Bitte mach weiter, denn Du machst die Formel - 1
erst so richtig spannend, und wenn Du nicht mehr
werde ich bestimmt nicht mehr so oft bzw. regelmäßig
jedes Wochenende F - 1 schauen.
Bitte, bitte mach weiter, wenn auch Corinna damit einverstanden ist. Ihr seid beide so sympatisch,
und ich wäre sehr traurig, wenn Du nicht mehr dabei wärst.
Und solange Du noch Spaß hast, ist es doch perfekt.
Und nächstes Jahr wollte ich auch mal live bei
einem Rennen dabei sein, aber wenn mein
bester Schumissimo nicht mehr dabei ist, dann ist es ja nicht
mehr schön.
Denn Du bist und bleibst der BESTE Formel - 1 Fahrer aller Zeiten und der WELT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danke schon mal für die schönen tollen Jahre mit Dir!
Auch wenn ich erst seit 1998 Formel - 1 sehe.
ich hoffe, du bist nicht böse, daß ich Dich duze.
Liebe Grüße
aus Wallenhorst
8 September, 13:23; Coenie Pentz, South Africa
Dear Michael

Since I have started actively following F1 in 2000, you have always been a great role-model to me. Not only a great ambassador of the sport, but your work ethic and enthusiasm inspire me in the way that I lead my life. You have become an irreplaceable part of the greatest motor-racing spectacle on earth. I would hate to see you go at the end of the season. Please stick around and show Alonso how it's done, Shumi style.

Whatever your decision may be, I wish you all the best. We will most definitely never ever forget you! You will live on in our memories for eternity.

Coenie Pentz
South Africa
8 September, 13:23; giro stefania, italia
schumi per favore continua a correre!!!!
8 September, 13:23; F Alonso, Spain
Ha Ha
8 September, 13:23; Roberto, ITALY
Michael if you leave F1 today we havan't other campions in F1. Stay
8 September, 13:23; Aashish, India
Schumi you are the best man, please dont go. Love you
8 September, 13:23; Rob, UK
Please stay michael your the only reason i watch and love F1
8 September, 13:23; Stanislav Pecho, CR
Dear Michael
please stay in F1!

Bez tebe už to nebude ono!
8 September, 13:22; claudio pisicchio, italy
Dai michael non ci puoi lasciare così!!!
Continua a lottare.
8 September, 13:22; 虫, china
love you forever.,so don't go
8 September, 13:22; matthew, dursley , england
shumey , time to go , youve had a good career , move over for raikkonen and alonso the real f1 masters !!!! goodbye micheal !!
8 September, 13:22; 宇, china
8 September, 13:22; Vladimir Sulaj, albania
dear Michael,
I wish you to win this week end and of course that you will decide to stay in F1.
you are a great champion and will stay like this forever in our hearts.

8 September, 13:22; egle, lithuania
plaese, stay in F-1 !!! :) without u it will be so boring :((
You can win, just be there .. in formula1 :)
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