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8 September, 05:58; skyman, china
8 September, 05:58; Eugen, Russland
Michel. Du bist beste! Bleib noch in formel 1!
8 September, 05:58; Cindy Huang, China
Schumi,turn your eyes to the sky,it's the only thing bigger than you!
The world need you....
Do what you like,and do not regret.
8 September, 05:57; lin qiaomin, China
i like him
8 September, 05:57; rae, china
please please please stay with us
we cannot make it without you
8 September, 05:57; Joshua, Australia
everyone here at www.motorracingindustry.com wishes you the very best in whatever you decide - but we really hope that you will stay!!!!
8 September, 05:57; Art, Russia
8 September, 05:57; tom, australia
shumi stay in F1 mate !!!!!!
if you leave alonzo could get your records do NOT let that happen !!!!
keep on racing !!
8 September, 05:57; Yuri, Russia
1991.1992.1993.1994.1995.1996.1997.1998.1999.2000.2001.2002. 2003.2004.2005.2006... ...2007.2008.2009.2010....forever!!!
8 September, 05:57; Wong TK, Malaysia
Please stay in F1 for at least 2 years. forza schumi!!!
8 September, 05:57; lin, China
he is the best one, i like him. i support him for no excesus
8 September, 05:56; Roman, Czech Republic
Michael-pleeeeeaaaaase....stay in F1. You´re the one for all of us.
8 September, 05:56; rudi, Australia
You brought Ferrari back from the wilderness, don't leave them.
8 September, 05:56; Andrew, New Zealand

Your still the best so keep punishing the rest.
10 championships is possible.

Good luck....
8 September, 05:56; Neill, South Africa
Please stay 1 more year!
8 September, 05:56; Jliang, China
Schumi,don't leave,keep fighting!

8 September, 05:55; Zharun, Russia
Michael you're the best driver in the world. Please stay also! You must stay. Red army fans together with you forever.
8 September, 05:55; Dimitry, Russian Federation, Vladivostok
I've started waching F1 grand prix onTV in 1992. That was the year when F1 came to Russian land. So, we can say i'm a pioner in Russia refer this issue. That year You was in Benettone and noone was sure that You're future Greatest Champion of F1, but i decided that I should defiantly root for You only.
So, almost 14 years i'm one of Your biggest fans in Russia and prefer to stay on that possition
Please keep staying in F1 and keep being the fastest pilot on Earth!
8 September, 05:55; MENELEK SESSING, usa
In him we have had perfection-under-pressure. His achievements so vastly exceed mere "total sportsman",that they constitute a ruler by which to measure human performance. He's the measure by which WE ALL can be assessed. In sports we've only had a few geniuses- Muhammad Ali,Mario Andretti,Senna, Michael Jordan, Pele'...others. But in Schuey we have THE IMPOSSIBLE made to look easy. I fear this but a once in a lifetime priviledge...sorrrow.
8 September, 05:54; Troy Tomlin, United States
I've been backing you since 1992. your the greatest driver that ever lived and I hope I can get a couple more years of watching you blow away those young punks.
8 September, 05:54; gryzzlik, CZ
Please, stay!
8 September, 05:54; Oleg, Russia
I never was admirer Schumi.
But, I think - he at a high level.
And from it F-1 only succeed.
8 September, 05:54; Josh, Australia
Please stay in F1 - try and win 10 WDC - it's a joy to watch you race
8 September, 05:54; Andrew Borowski, Canada
Hi Michael,
It is a big fun and a pleasure to watch you racing ,so it will be nice to see you next year and maybe beyond.If this will be you last year I will remember how much fun it was to see you on track.
Good luck!
8 September, 05:53; Елена, Узбекистан
Михаэль! Пожалуйста останься в Формуле 1, таких как ты нет, ты гениальный и великий гонщик , ради тебя смотрят Формулу 1 миллионы людей , я очень переживаю по поводу твоего ухода, взвесь пожалуйста и прими такое решение которое подскажет тебе сердце!
8 September, 05:53; jfk, tanzania
Since 1991 ive been following your career with much fascination and whatever the decision for me youre always the best.
8 September, 05:52; Deepak Thomas John, India
Dear Schumi,F1 wud neva b t same again wthout U...stay & letz make it a 100+
8 September, 05:52; hunter3032, China
Schumi, give me a chance, give all of your fans a chance, and give yourself a chance~~~Come on! We always stand with you~~~~
8 September, 05:51; amyqiao, china
you are my hero!
8 September, 05:51; Katusha, Russia
Michael! Please, stay! I've been watching F1 since 2000! And all this time I support you! I'll go to Hungary next year... and what i'll do there without you?
Have compassion on your fans! For me it's very difficult when 2 my most favourite pilots leave F1 in 2 months!
For whom i will shout next year if you'll go away?
Please, stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 05:51; Karel Kolacek, Czech Republic
Please stay,don't leave us. Thank you
8 September, 05:50; casper, china
stay forever,don't leave f1
8 September, 05:50; Cheong, Malaysia
Please stay on and win the 8th and 9th world title.
8 September, 05:50; jessie 顾莹华, china 中国
We need you !
Please stay in F1 !
And Because of you
I don t know how to let anyone else in
We want to see you gain the 8th champion!
8 September, 05:50; Max, Russia
Michael - you are the greatest F1 driver of all times. Please stay in F1. I want to see you becoming 10 times World Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 05:49; Damir, Russia
Please stay in F1... You must do it... you must rewrites all records...
8 September, 05:48; Chin Bong, Australia
I've watched how you've won the 1994 Championship and I've never stopped. I only stopped watching F1 when you suffered injuries and weren't racing. I would not F1 racing anymore if you go. Honestly, I do not think that you have lost your abilities to be a champion. You know more than anyone else out there on how to win championships. I will always support you.
8 September, 05:46; robert denny, england
shumi stay another season and show these wipersnapers how it's done, f1 will not be the same without the greatest ever natural talent in f1 history, we need to see that famous victory leap on the podium a few more times to win another championship.
8 September, 05:45; 叶菲, China
Schumi,you are my hero,you are love!
8 September, 05:45; Yura, Russia
please stay.
8 September, 05:44; Alexander Mironov, Russia
Michael, you always do your best to prove that a man could be much more he is...I don't belife the END, because of your passion to over limits with pleasure. I DO BELIFE for Michael Schumaher - just a man, but the phenomenon!
8 September, 05:44; Paul Hughes, Gt Britain via Iraq
I can only say that i feel honored to watch every race this year as i know that i am watching history being made every time i switch the tv on. Thank you.
8 September, 05:44; Stevie, Zimbabwe
Schumi, you are F1. Please stay another year or two. I am going to try and make it to Canada next year to see my first live race. It would be my greatest honor to see you race.
8 September, 05:42; Larry Cannon, USA
To me You are F1. I don't see myself continuing to make the effort that it is in the US to watch all the races and the annual drive to Indy (haven't missed on yet). I have already purchased tickets to Indy. I would love to shake your hand and wish you luck in person. I have met several of the other drivers around town (Indy) but it never felt all that special because it wasn't my Hero. Thanks for the years you have graced us with your talent and exhuberence.
8 September, 05:41; Dennis, USA
U must race in 2007!
8 September, 05:40; Zoey Wong, China
Michael, you are my full dream of the F1 games.If you leave here , i don' t know who can be zhe next. i think ...none.
you are the 'forever', and you are the 'never'
8 September, 05:39; nnicola, canada
Michael you will always be the GREATEST> THANK YOU
8 September, 05:39; srirekha, india
schumi, u r the best in the bussiness. so plz stay on in 07 as well. thr is no need 4 u 2 quit. u r and will remain the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 05:38; Jerry, USA
Everybody want you to leave. The reason is only one: you are too strong for them. They simply can't swallow. You demonstrated once more, although wasn't necessary, you are simply the best and gave the championship the interest everybody is looking for. Don't give up. Risk is what brought you in history and I personally believe you will announce you will stay for at least another couple of years. I am pretty sure FERRARI will support the idea. What a great team you and KIMI will make together. What a great handicapp for Renault and McLaren.
8 September, 05:37; Stefano, Canada
It truly is a pleasure to see you drive the way you drive.
If you're still having fun, please stay.
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