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8 September, 06:15; Оксана, Россия
Михаель! Лапусик! Прошу, не покидай нас!!!!!!!! Без тебя Формула 1 потускнеет!!! Твое время уходить еще не настало!!!!! Я тебя так люблю!!!!!!!!!!!! Не уходи!!!!!!!!!!!!! Пожалуйста, не уходи!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE, DONT GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 06:15; VILSON, MONTENEGRO
8 September, 06:15; Alexandra, New Zealand
Please, Michael, stay in Formula 1. I started to watch F1 because of you. I love your passion for the sport, I love your sportsmanship, I love your driving talent. You are the BEST. You have changed F1 forever, you made it better. Keep on racing. Fangio was still winning at 50, it is not about age, it is all about talent and passion and you have both. I have never been to Grand Prix, but I am saving money to go next year, and I hope you will be there, on the top step of the podium. LOVE YOU forever
8 September, 06:15; bigball, hertfordshire
pls stay, your are clearly the best, pls dont go
8 September, 06:14; Ksenia, Russia
Schumi, please stay in Formula 1!!!!
8 September, 06:14; Pavel, Praha
F1 without you will not F1. Please stay...
8 September, 06:14; luna, china
8 September, 06:13; Stealth Vitus, Russia
Thanks for all the previous races...... And in advance thanks for the future...
10 titles? 100 victories? Probably it not the purpose...
When you would not leave... It will be sad...
But why some to not transfer this term...
8 September, 06:13; Rohit Sinha, India
HEy micheal... please stay on yaar. i want to see u win more races. please. There are many fans (including me) who watch formula one just because u drive.
8 September, 06:13; David Legziel, USA
Please Michael, don't leave. Without you F1 will be very lonely.
8 September, 06:12; 王薇, 中国
8 September, 06:12; Steve, England
Michal, if you do choose to retire you will be sorely missed, F1 will not be as exciting as it has been. However you must do what is best for you at the moment. On a purely selfish point of view PLEASE STAY!!!!
Good luck to you and your family
8 September, 06:12; LUNA, CHINA
schumi,don't go.
we can't live without you.
please stay in f1.
one more year~
8 September, 06:12; Ajay, India
Hi, Please stay.
8 September, 06:11; Dmitry, Russia
Stay with us!
8 September, 06:10; Radim, Czek republik
Go go Michael!!!!
8 September, 06:10; Яна, Россия
Михаэль!!!!!! СЛАДКИЙ!!!!! НЕ УХОДИ, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!!!!!! ТВОЕ ВРЕМЯ НЕ ПРИШЛО!!!!!!!!!! У тебя еще ВСЕ ВПЕРЕДИ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Я тебя ОЧЕНЬ ЛЮБЛЮ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! КРЕПКО ТЕБЯ ЦЕЛУЮ И ОБНИМАЮ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Без тебя Формула 1 - не Формула 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 06:09; Reinis, Latvija
Shumaher!! Paliec, lai jaunie piloti vareetu ar tewiim sacensties!! :D:D:D:D:D:D
8 September, 06:09; Shane, Australia
Don't retire before you've driven for another team!
8 September, 06:08; Иван, Россия
Я с 1997 года являюсь болельщиком Ferrari и Формулы 1. F1=Michael Schumaher. Если уйдет Шумахер от Формулы 1 ничего не останется. Нужно всегда помнить не только о 7-кратном чемпионстве, но и о том, что в те годы, даже когда Michael не становился чемпионом, он всегда был самым серьезным соперником для всех остальных, что бы кто ни говорил. Конечно, столько лет выступать на таком высоком уровне, подтверждать свой высочайший класс пилота очень тяжело и требует уникального сочетания гениальности и работоспособности, выдержки, характера и выносливости. Michael, you are the BEST! You are the champion forever, only you!
8 September, 06:08; marcelo deitos, brasil
100 você, não tem graça... just 1 more year!!
8 September, 06:08; Jonathan B, Canada
...if you want to!
The thing I love about Formula 1 racing is that every year the bar is raised a little bit higher, and teams must try to rise up to it. Mr. Schumacher and Ferrari have been responsible for raising that bar a little higher over the years (almost every year it seems). If he leaves, I expect the bar will be lower next year. Regarding the discussions attacking him as a sportsman... I see it this way; Only his fellow drivers (peers) have the right to judge him. I personally think he is constantly pushing the limits of the rules and finding loopholes in the rules to win. That's what Mr. Shumacher is paid to do, and it has always been what winning TEAMS do in F1. It seems to be OK with the fans if the engineers and designers that do it, so why not the drivers? I thought the Monaco stunt was pure genius that only the Ferrari TEAM would have the balls to do. I am not a flag waving Ferrari fan, but as a fan of F1 I will miss Michael Schumacher if he leaves.
8 September, 06:07; EugeneS, Russia
Michael, You can win at Briatore.
8 September, 06:07; Karan, India
F1 wudnt be the same without you!! continue racing and thrilling ur fans!!!
8 September, 06:07; Nikhil ( Nick) Sen, India
Dear Michael,

You are the truest Champion I have known ! what ever you decide its your choice, and a personal one.
We as your fans and avid admirers Wish you would stay on in Formula 1. We wish you the best of Health & Thank you for all the great times you have given us in this sport. For making all your dreams and ours come true together as a Team.

best wishes,
Nikhil Sen
8 September, 06:07; Claire Wilkins, Australia
Please Michael - don't retire. I want to see you beat Kimi in the same car! There's still plenty of championships in you yet too. But if you must go, take the break that you need & enjoy the time with your family. I'm sure you'll be back in F1 in some role before we know it!
8 September, 06:06; Yana, Russia
Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the BEST for ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 06:06; fernando alonzo, espana
yo quiero que te vás michael!! yo tambien quiero ser lo mejor!!
8 September, 06:05; 王长宇, 中华人民共和国
十几年了。和你一起走过.你已经成为了我生 活中的一部分.带给了我太多的欢笑.激动和 感动.
我知道你在F1的时间已经到了。这个网站是 在以另一种形式向你道别.
8 September, 06:05; foadi,afshin, iran
i love schumi,he is a grait man
8 September, 06:05; Dima, Russia
Michael, the formula 1 will not be such beautiful without you. It can even will die without you for many fans. One more season, please!!! I trust in your victory in present and in a following season. Please do not leave!!! We love you, and to you we shall be always betraid!!
8 September, 06:05; Steve B, Australia
Your are the greatest F1 driver ever and you still can win championships. F1 will not be the same without you. I think the world would like to see you continue racing against Alonso, Raikonen and other potential F1 champions for another few years. Others that critisize you are only jealous of your success.
Ten F1 championships, only you can do it!!!!
8 September, 06:04; David Koci, Praha - Czech republic
Please stay in F1 !!!. Forza Schumi!!!
8 September, 06:04; Michael, Tschechien
Bitte Michael, bleib in Formel 1!!!
8 September, 06:03; Santosh Bhat, India
Hi Schumi,
Please stay in F1. we want to see more of you.
8 September, 06:03; rae, china
请留下来 好吗?? 没有你的F1 对我们来说少了很多。。。。
8 September, 06:03; Sven, Deutschland
Do not Stop please !
8 September, 06:02; Christian Hunt Barahona, Chile / Mexico
Michael, you are the reason why me and my friends watch formula 1, and certainly, the major reason to prefer Ferrari from McLaren or any other team. Please, stay in formula 1, also, my little daughter will thank you that.
8 September, 06:02; Juan Alfaro, Chile
Ferrari will never be the same withour "Schumi". Please stay a little longer!!!!
8 September, 06:01; Katusha, Russia
Michael! The show must go on! Please, stay!
8 September, 06:01; Ka Lai, Hong Kong
i started watching F1 'again' in 1995 because of YOU until (I quit watching after the great Alain Prost switched to Williams); if you should leave, i dont think i will tune in to the channel ever again.
8 September, 06:01; saharova, latvia
Mēs mīlam un cienam Tevi.Tu esi un būsi mūsu mīlulis.
8 September, 06:00; Alexander, Russia
Michael, you ought ro stare at your fans souls. When you goal the prize we are always together, when you meer difficalties we are always together too... And so during more than 10 years we speak ourselves: " Just tust in Michel"....So we TRUST!
8 September, 06:00; Anthony, Australia
100 Wins Does Sound Nice!
We now you can do it. :-)
8 September, 06:00; Josef, Czech republic
please, stay in F1!!!
8 September, 05:59; alex, russia
Michael, listen to your heart. Anyway, you're the the best because you love it, Have this love to this sport, that you stated so many times, disappeared? If no, just keep on going, You'll have your time, and we'll have our reason to watch f1
8 September, 05:59; joao vitor sottili, Brasil
No Michael, no F1
8 September, 05:58; Christian, Germany
Michi gib weiter Gas!!!!
8 September, 05:58; skyman, china
8 September, 05:58; Eugen, Russland
Michel. Du bist beste! Bleib noch in formel 1!
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