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8 September, 09:36; Michael, Holland
Please stay michael!!!
8 September, 09:36; LiYuntao, China
Please stay with us !! e love you .It is you who let me know F1 ! I don't know how to live without you !!!
Please , don't go !!
We all need you !
8 September, 09:36; Cwille, Croatia
Michael GO AWAY.
8 September, 09:35; Max, Russia
I watch for you since 1991. You had fantastic races. You had the a really times and still be a warrior even on bad car.
Not now, because you are the best.
Your are a self-made talant harismatic driver. You are the one who stay in formula from old times where cars was dangerous and fast, where pilots was a men, not sweety boys like now.
Go forward. Forza Ferrari!
8 September, 09:34; Tamas Visky, Romania
Do whatever you fill is good for you. But it would be great for all of us, to see you one more year on the ring. Thank you, and may God bless you.
8 September, 09:34; WINNIE, CHINA
舒米 F1因你而精彩
8 September, 09:34; Water, Russia
YES!!! Hasta Lavista!
8 September, 09:34; александр, россия
Михаэль! Ты обязан остаться!
8 September, 09:34; \Stacia, Russia
Pls STAY!!! We need U!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:34; Rickie, Canada
Oh, Michael, pease dont leave the world of F1!! It will be soooo empty without you! you cant leave! The F1 will be weakened without you, and soon will have less and less fans, and then, then will die out......
8 September, 09:33; Vadim, Belarus
Делай что должен и будь что будет...
8 September, 09:33; Joe, Australia
Don't stay. Leave. You are a cheat. Adelaide, Jerez and Monaco.
8 September, 09:33; РОМАН, Россия
8 September, 09:33; cinderella, china
please stay in F1...
8 September, 09:33; Joe Joebstl, USA
Michael -- please stay in F1! All the young drivers want to beat you and we want to see YOU win...
8 September, 09:33; HEČO, Czech Republic
Michael, please STAY, please STAY, please STAY...in F1
8 September, 09:32; Ting Zhang, China
Michael Please stay in F1!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:32; Fabio, Switzerland
Hm, for me it would be sad aswell, but if he wants to make a stop (everything must end) it doesent really matter when he will do that! Reason: He is the best ever, and we have to thank him for all those geniouse races! We anyway have to accept his decision and respect him as a person!! Thank you for beeing such a good Idol; you always proofed, that to be honesty passioned and to do something with enthusiasm is most important!!!
8 September, 09:32; Igor, Russia
Michael, please stay... You are the greatest racer and without you this championship is dead
8 September, 09:32; Seti Luo, China
Schumi,stay in F1,please! Here belongs to you!
8 September, 09:32; Meine Postma, Netherlands
please please please please please
8 September, 09:31; Fernando Bautista, Spain
Michael Please stay for one more year. Next year Renault would not win the championship, McClaren would not have a competitive car until a year ahead. None of the michelin teams would have your knowledge about the tyres. Please one more year and one more world championship!!!!!
8 September, 09:31; Jitka, Czech Republic
Schumi, you' re the best driver, which F1 have ever had, we all know it, but it's only up to you... if you want to stay, I'll be happy, but if you want to leave, I understand... I believe, that your decision will be right. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
8 September, 09:31; Оксана, Россия
Сладкий, останься! Не оставляй нас!!!! Не уходи, еще не время!!!!!! Тебе еще выигрывать, выигрывать и выигрывать!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:31; alessandro, italy
The emotions you gave to us are unique and they will always with us. Please don't leave us just now.
8 September, 09:31; Simone, Italia
Grazie Schumi per quello che hai fatto in questi anni alla Ferrari. qualunque decisione tu prenda sarai sempre nei nostri cuori come il più grande. non ascoltare quello che dice la gente, ascolta il tuo cuore e se guidare ti diverte ancore continua. un abbraccio.
8 September, 09:31; YUTING GAO, CHINA
8 September, 09:31; prakash, india
Schuli... Please dont leave F1.. it will not be the same without you. A friend of mine once asked if i were a schumi fan or a ferrari fan, I said without doubt that i am a schumi fan and will support him even if he drove a minardi .... it means a lot to see u there on the grid... Had come to malaysia from India this year only to see you race and boy if u see the audience you will see that it was in just one color and it was Red and the only dirver in red that made all the difference was you .... infact the love for you can be seen from the fact that so so many people took snaps with a person who was ur look alike in front of the Ferrari stands.... Please stay back for one more year my friend it will mean a lot to all of us... I am sure that next year will be a championship winning year for you ... Please do it for your millions and millions of fans ..................... Please stay back ...............
8 September, 09:31; Stefania, Milano - Italy
Non ci lasciare!!!!
8 September, 09:31; Gaurav Prasad, India
please dont quit F1
8 September, 09:31; www.Team-BHP.com, India
PLEASE STAY! With that record, you can retire only with another championship and not as a loser.
8 September, 09:31; Pavel, Czech republic
Please stay, You're my favourite driver and the best in history!
8 September, 09:31; Fernando Bautista, Spain
Michael Please stay for one more year. Next year Renault would win the championship, McClaren would not have a competitive car until a year ahead. None of the michelin teams would have your knowledge about the tyres. Please one more year and one more world championship!!!!!
8 September, 09:30; Яна, Россия
Михаэль!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Умоляю тебя ОСТАТЬСЯ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Формула 1 и ТЫ - это частичка моей жизни!!!!!!!! Ты занимаешь болшую часть в момем сердце!!!! Не будет тебя - не будет Формулы 1 для меня!!!!! Моя жизнь потускнеет без тебя!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:30; Makedonsky, Russia
Michael go away from f1. Please!!! Give the winner to BMW's pilot!!
8 September, 09:30; skaaai, ITALIA
schumi ce la puoi fare, resta in ferrari ancora un anno... e vinci ancora con noi! ;D
8 September, 09:30; paolo quattrociocchi, italia
Please Michael stay in F1 !!!!
8 September, 09:30; Phillip Yates, australia
you are the best. ferrari will neva be the same without you. dont let that little **** alonso win!!! i cant imagine F1 without you!!!!!!
8 September, 09:30; Joe, Australia
Michael is a fine driver but highly overrated. His "records" come from having the benefit of a consistely far superior car and a lack of any credible form of competition. When he has had competition, he manages to be competitive but no greater. My proof? Villeneuve, Hakkinen and Alonso.
8 September, 09:29; Cheech Sun, Canada
Michael, you have talent and a gife. No reason to quit and nothing to lose, don't worry about what people say. As I am sure you don't. Like quit while at the top, why would you do that if you still enjoy racing then keep on doing it. You know how many people in this world would love to be in your shoes.
Stay on for at least another 2 years.
8 September, 09:29; bananashoo, China
Don't Go Please!
8 September, 09:29; gianni, italia
resta con noi sei il n 1 la f1 senza te non sara' mai piu' la stessa!!
8 September, 09:29; marexels, latvia
stay because kimi must stay in mclaren!!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:29; Shefqet, Kosova
Go home, you are not a sportsman, you are a shame!
8 September, 09:29; Duncan maguire, United Kingdom
Michael. You are an ambassador to the sport and the younger drivers need to feed from your motivation. If you still feel fit enough and racing is still your passion they why stop. You are the benchmark which drivers measure themselves by. I have followed your career and have enjoye all the entertainment you have given us. Remember Nigel Mansell was older than you when he one his world title. AGE is not important. Its your desire to win...
8 September, 09:28; 张薇, china
Schumi,don't leave me ! We love you forever!!
!!!! !!!!
!! !! !!
!! !!
8 September, 09:28; Claudia, Italy
Stay please!!!
8 September, 09:28; Tomas Dedic, Czech Republic
8 September, 09:28; Vitek, Česká republika
Pleas stay in F1
8 September, 09:28; Paolo, Italy
Schumi you can't give up now. F1 need you, because you are the champion. Stay please.
Schumi non puoi mollare ora. La F1 ha bisogno di te, perchè tu sei il campione. Rimani per favore.
Paolo - Milano
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