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8 September, 09:43; Karun.G, India
I think there is no use watching F1 race if schumi Quits
8 September, 09:42; Jhenya, Russia
Michael! F1 need you! You are legend F1 =)))
8 September, 09:42; Jeffchen, China
Michael!Please Don't go! we need you!
8 September, 09:42; Vadim, Russia
Michael, you are great champion for ages. But many people ask you stay in F1, if you still like racings and your fanats, you should stay in ferrari for a couple yrs.
8 September, 09:42; Nicole, China
Michael, don't leave.
Stay please...
8 September, 09:42; Радченко Дмитрий, Украина
Миша, оставайся в Ф1, пусть Кимми тебя опустит!!!
8 September, 09:42; LeoZhai, China
舒米,不要走,走了我的同事就要来和我抢阿 隆索了
8 September, 09:42; Libor Odehnal, Czech Republic
Michale, you are the Great One, one more year, please!
8 September, 09:42; ouou, China
We need you ,F1 need you!
You are my hero !
We love you!!!
8 September, 09:42; erkl, russia
stay!! ihave to see you again. season 2007
8 September, 09:42; Sylvan, Belgium
Please stay in f1!!!!
8 September, 09:41; Joe, Australia
Glad you are leaving.
8 September, 09:41; Nico Hobsch, Germany
Hallo Michael.

ich bin seid jahren dein größter Fan ich habe dein erstes Rennen gesehen und hoffe nicht das ich dieses Jahr dein letztes Rennen sehen werde.Bitte fahre noch ein oder zwei Jahre.Ach ja mach den Alonso am Sonntag fertig und ich bin mir sicher das du noch Weltmeister wirst!!!!!
8 September, 09:41; 王硕, CHINA
Supports your me forever to love you
8 September, 09:41; Svetlana, Russia
I see here not only good words for Michael! Yeah, he has enemies, but it prooves, that he's steal great!
8 September, 09:41; kl12, russia
your are the best! Please stay!
8 September, 09:41; Joe, Australia
He is retiring because he no longer has the dominant car and can't win on even playing terms.
8 September, 09:41; Alexei, Ukraine
Master, please stay and f*ck all!!!
8 September, 09:41; Giuseppe, italy
Hi michael
Follow you heart, but please continue to stay an help Ferrai either race or not.
8 September, 09:40; Roman, Russia
Schumi, gouge away!
8 September, 09:40; Henrik Jauert, Denmark
Michael. Please continue beeing the greatest driver EVER .

Schumi rules.................
8 September, 09:40; Judit Tóth, Hungary
Come back in 2007!
8 September, 09:40; peggychengcheng, china
don't micheal! we need you ,and we always love you!
8 September, 09:40; Stanislav, Russia
Michael, you are best F1 driver!
I hope you have one more aim - 10 win in the F1 Championship!
Please stay with F1 and yours fan's
8 September, 09:40; Daniel S., czech republic
Michaeli zůstaň u Ferrari ještě alespoň 2 sezony
please stay with Ferrari
8 September, 09:40; Joe, Australia
Remember when even Montoya totally outclassed you?
8 September, 09:40; Cwille, Croatia
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8 September, 09:39; Günni, Germany
Stay in the F 1 . You will get the Title number eight.

I am a fan since 1994.
8 September, 09:39; Ray, China
Don't leave! We all need you!! 请不要离开,车王!F1因你而精彩!!
8 September, 09:39; Marek, Czech
Schummy, du bist der beste fahrer alle Zeiten. Alonso ist niemand. Bitte bleibt in formel eins noch ein paar Jahren. Zwei Jahren kannst du noch fahren. Ferrari ist wieder auf der spitze und du kannst wieder winnen.
8 September, 09:39; Joe, Australia
Villeneuve G would have run him off the road. Villeneuve J did.
8 September, 09:38; Igor' Sidorow, Russland
Bitte! Bitte! Bitte! Gehe nicht weg!
8 September, 09:38; Javier San Valentin, España
Michael: ¿Vas a dejar la F1 antes de superar el record de 100 victorias en GP's? Vamos no seas vaguete, consigue esta cifra de victorias y luego te retiras. Harias felices a millones de seguidores.
8 September, 09:38; Pavel, Czech
Michael stay yet in F1. You are great driver.
8 September, 09:38; ad, russia
please stay, i believe in you.
8 September, 09:38; Yan Zhou, China
Please stay in F1 !
I don't wanna say good bye!!!!
We need you !!!
8 September, 09:38; mike, Olanda
Schumi Rulez!!!!!

greatz from Olanda!!! ciao
8 September, 09:38; Tony, Czech Republic
Michael please stay in Formel 1 next year
Thanks Tony Prague
8 September, 09:38; Andrew, Czech
Migel. stay.
8 September, 09:38; Joe, Australia
You are also a weasel.
8 September, 09:38; XXX, Italia
Hai vinto (spesso sporco) solo perchè non c'era più Senna! e perchè alla ferrari ti regalavano le vittorie. Anche Irvine considerato scarso, quando ti sei infortunato, ha cominciato a vincere. Come mai? A CASA!!!
8 September, 09:37; Roland, LATVIA
Michael, please stay... You are the best racer .
8 September, 09:37; Gordon Fleming, Scotland
All Great things come to an end! i have supported Micheal since his Benetton days and beleive he still has lots to offer!
the great man even brought me to tears wne he beat Mika at Suzuka for his third world title, hes made mistakes as everyone does, but i truly beleive that he will be more loved and appreciated for what he has given and achieved in the sport, i hope you stay Schumi but there is your family and other things in life im sure you would love to do!
youve entertained lots of poeple for a very long time and no one can ever say you didnt give it your all!!
whatever you decide???
8 September, 09:37; Storm, Russia
Formula is not #1 without Michael Shumacher! He has so much to show other drivers! I'll be crying? if he leave...
8 September, 09:37; Ap, NL
One more year would nice, please!! Show them that you're still the best!
8 September, 09:37; Hanka, Czech republic
Michael, please stay in F1!!! You are the best pilot !!
8 September, 09:37; Marina S., Russia
Michael,du sollt in F1 bleiben.Du bist wundershoene pilot!
8 September, 09:37; vicky, china
Stay Please !!
f1 need you!
without you f1 is not pure f1!!
Stay please !!
our need you !
Stay please !!
all over the world need you !
8 September, 09:37; Slava Grinkevych, Ukraine
Let do It!!!
8 September, 09:37; Joe, Australia
You rely on driver aids and couldn't compete with the best. Senna, Villeneuve G, Hakkinen, Mansell, Villeneuve J.
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