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8 September, 09:59; Pankaj Raina, India
i would want to c a few more championship caps on ur head....

8 September, 09:59; Fahri, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
eveyone on this site, Respect Renault, Respect what schumi thinks..

Schu stay a more year but dont race on Ferrari.. Make something different before you retire. isint it interesting?
8 September, 09:58; ouou, China
we love you!!!
8 September, 09:58; Duc, Belgium
Please don't come back ...
8 September, 09:58; Ryan Abrams, South Africa
Michael, you are a living legend who has achieved more in formula1 than anyone ever before or ever will again.
You have managed to win many Championships even though you never had the best cars or tyres. You have brought Ferrari back to greatness after not winning a championship since the 70's.
Your technical feedback brilliance will be sorely missed at Ferrai, they will be lucky to have you stay on in another capacity. Contrary to popular believe it was you and your determination that got you your 7 World titles, together with your dream team, Jean and Ross. If you decide to retire I will miss watching you race but will fully understand that you have achieved all you needed to achieve in F1. Good Luck with whatever choices you make for your future. I know that like me you are also hoping that Formula1 will one day bear another worthy hero, until then there will be a gaping void left by you who has taken the modern formula1 sport to a new level. Love for you to stay!! But if you decide to retire...enjoy it, because you deserve it. You are a living legend!!
8 September, 09:58; Paul, Russia
We will wait You next F1 season!
8 September, 09:58; jonny_maverick1, ulster
ok so F1 his hardly a sport, it is no reason however to be an un-sporting cheat. If you had learned to accept defeat graciously, then this desire to cheat would not have materialised. So no, please don't stay - go count your money and let sportsmen race!!
8 September, 09:57; ouou, china
We hope that you can stay forever!!!
8 September, 09:57; Tomas, Czech Republic
You are KING ! Stay in F1 ! Race vithout you will be boring....
8 September, 09:57; fatih savruk, turkey
schumi pls. stay
8 September, 09:57; Cheng Yang, China
Micheal we love you, please stay. Please.
8 September, 09:57; Gianna, Italia
Michael, ho imparato ad amare la formula 1 con te e ti ringrazio per le emozioni che mi hai fatto provare in questi anni.
Accetterò con fatica la tua decisione di lasciare. Se però resti per un altro mondiale, sarò felicissima !

8 September, 09:57; Kitty, China,Shanghai
You are my heart hero
If you leave, my world will become black.
8 September, 09:57; Tracey Davies, UK
Please stay in F1 Michael! It just won't be the same without you. You're still the best! You're the best there's ever been! You can't give up yet! My son Scott will be devastated if you do. He's a really big fan and although I'm a David Coulthard fan myself, I also consider you to be one of my favourite drivers.
Please stay and show them who is the best! Plus you can't leave David as the oldest driver.
8 September, 09:57; Enrico Marchetto, Italy
Hi, you are the F1. Nobody wins like you. If you think that you can already wins you stay but if you dont amusment leave.
Yhanks for the emotions that you give us.
8 September, 09:56; ouou, china
8 September, 09:56; Anurag, India
Shumey !.. You gotta be around to make TIFOSI proud and kick some french ass.. Stay on and fight on, there are many more achievements to set the bar very high.. You've still got it.. Kick some ass !.. U rule !
8 September, 09:56; Declan, Ireland
Schumy you are an absolute legend! Please stay!!!
8 September, 09:56; klaus, Italy
you do know with next year Ferrari you could really show them who the BOSS still is. how's a 9th title sound ?!
so why don't you stay another year ?!
8 September, 09:56; Frederic, Belgium
Woehahaha It's all over . Bye Bye and stay away!!!

Shumi R.I.P.
8 September, 09:55; ouou, china
We need you!!!
we need hero ,you are the hero!!!
8 September, 09:55; 汪艽, CHINA
8 September, 09:55; Haris, Latvija

Kas būs F1 bez Tevis?

Tā ka Tev vienkārši ir jāpaliek vēl vismaz 3 gadus!

Ar sveicienu no Latvijas, Haris.
8 September, 09:55; Serg, Russia
Hi !
We waiting new victorys !!!
8 September, 09:55; Alex, Deutschland
Deine Entscheidung dürfte schon längst getroffen sein...
ich wünsche mir jedoch, dass du weitermachst......ich und meine Freundin würden dich nächstes jahr so gerne live am N-ring/hockenheim sehen....
8 September, 09:55; 再一遍, 中国
舒米,希望周末的蒙扎会是红色的海洋,也是 一个新的起点
8 September, 09:55; KK, Russia
Please stay, we want to see some more of your jumps on the first step of podium!!!
8 September, 09:55; guoming Han, China
Don't leave,Schumi
we will support you forever
8 September, 09:55; Wheelybin, brazil
Can i have my stray back now?
8 September, 09:55; Avash, South Africa
Please race on Michael...just for one more year...F1 will not be the same with out u!!!!!
8 September, 09:54; Dominik, Germany
8 September, 09:54; shah rukh khan, india, mumbai
you r the 'baaadshah of racing'...........there is no one to take ur place....plz stay in f1
8 September, 09:54; Waclaf, czech
Schumi nebud mekej a sedni do te sve kary aji pristi rok ..... a vyhraj at mam z tebe radost ty kluku usata :-)
8 September, 09:54; Marek, Czech Republic
Bez Šumáka to není formule1, nech nás ještě sledovat tvojí kariéru, nic podobného již nezažijeme. Tvoje tituly budou nepřekonané. Tvoje radost je i naší radostí.
8 September, 09:53; Maxim, Russia
Please, stay in F1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:53; ouou, 中国
8 September, 09:53; Marta B., Rome, Italy
Pleaseeee!!! You've gotta stay!!!! I can't imagine watching a gran prix without you racing!! :-) Oh, one more thing: please bring the title back home!!!!

ps. just so you know... I got a picture of you that I always carry with me in my driver's licence!!! :-) That's just an example of how big our love and support for you is!!! PLEASE STAY!!!
8 September, 09:53; carol, china
I always love you!
8 September, 09:52; Danilo, Italy
-Michael non lasciare....
8 September, 09:52; sherry, China
please stay in F1
8 September, 09:52; annebeckham, China
Stay please
we need you
our life will get grey without you
you make my life fuller
you made me love F1
so please stay one more year
i hope i can see you next year in Shanghai
8 September, 09:52; hu, china
Don't leave,Schumi
we will support you forever
8 September, 09:52; FX, Germany
Schumi bleib uns erhalten, Du bist wie ein guter Wein, je älter desto besser. Nix stimmt von dem Gerede, dass Du langsamer als früher wärst!
In diesem Sinne Drive On
8 September, 09:51; OUOU, CHINA
Micheal,do you see it?
There are so many people want you stay!
We love you !!!
8 September, 09:51; Antijoe, Australia
joe:Shut up!!!!!!
8 September, 09:50; Dominik, Germany
Hallo Michael,

ich bitte dich innigst noch ein oder zwei Jahre dran zu hängen, alleine die Siegesfeiern bzw die Siegerehrung nach dem Rennen fand ich einfach Spitze. Du bist ein Weltklassefahrer und hast allen gezeigt was du kannst und wirst es hoffentlich auch noch weiterhin unter Beweis stellen. Was den Sonntag angeht, mach Alonso fertig und lass dich nicht unterkriegen. Du schaffst es auch dieses Jahr Weltmeister zu werden. Ich glaube an Dich! Enttäusch mich und deine Fans bitte nicht und fahre weiter.
8 September, 09:50; 慧儿, 中国
8 September, 09:50; toni, italy
i dont want to say good words for a bad sportsman
8 September, 09:50; miki, italy
Michael, please,stay another two years with us!
8 September, 09:50; LOVE SCHUMI, CHINA
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