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8 September, 10:10; Tim rex, china
don't leave the F1, We need you .You are the king of the F1,You will in my heart forever. Don't go, schumi,Don't michael.
8 September, 10:10; Egils, Latvija
Šūmi, Tev jāpaliek F1!
8 September, 10:10; Dmitru Melkin from Russia, RUSSIA
My name is Dima. Michael Shumaher for me, my famaly and my country is hero of our days, our history. Please, stay in f-1 Racing!!!!!!! We needs in jour wins every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 10:10; Chris Sayer, uk
Please stay in F1
8 September, 10:10; Benny Hill, heaven
please stay for next year as you're due to join me then
8 September, 10:10; Steven Buss, UK
MICHEAL YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST DRIVERS IN f1 you have given me and y family may happy meormies with your show of excelenct race caft. f1 won't be the same without you it will lose t's edge and yo be sorely mssed. Please don't go you got a few more ears in you and you can easily win.
8 September, 10:10; liuying, china
8 September, 10:10; Pady, Czech republic
Micheal, stay in Formula 1!!!!!!
8 September, 10:10; Pierpaolo, Italia
Resta! non andare via!!!!!!!!
Ma anche se decidessi di andare via resti sempre un grandissimo!
8 September, 10:10; ouou, china
we need you!!!
please stay here!!!
We love you forever !!!
8 September, 10:10; Chris Vernon, England
I cannot imagine you waking up and not having to race. Sure, there are other challenges, but will anything ever measure up to F1? You're still the number 1 driver in the number 1 team. Stay in F1... go for another record .... OLDEST F1 world champion!!
8 September, 10:10; Mike, Australia
I think without doubt you will be the best driver ever in the history of mankind. I really enjoy watching you race and I would give up just about everything to see you race for another year or two, simply because you are the best and it is clearly not your time to go. fernado will certainly want you to stay and most of the fans agree that you should stay. maybe you may not win or have the teammate you wanted, but as you said you race until the wheels dont turn please stay in formula 1
8 September, 10:09; Chris Sayer, uk
Please stay in F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 10:09; Ran Xu, China
Schumi,please stay in F1!!!Fans need you!!!
8 September, 10:09; Timmu, Estonia
Michael, Bitte bleiben hier mit uns.
8 September, 10:09; Slome Sun, China
Michael, I konw that however hard I persuade, you will be a outlier of the match for sure, lightly smile in Pit ,and greet opponents mildly.
and now, please drop down the gain and loss, I hope you can face yourself sincerely:if you feel tird, just go to rest; if you still enjoy it, then we go on together.
8 September, 10:09; milad, lebanon
you are and still and will be the best forever good luck in the champioship this year and i hope u will stay for another year cause f1 is nothing without u so pleaseeeeeeeeee stay
8 September, 10:09; debbie, england
schumi please stay, you are by far the best driver there has ever been. my life won't be the same if you leave.
8 September, 10:09; liuying, china
we need you
formula one need you
ferrari need you
8 September, 10:09; Sumithra Kalidindi, India
Stay on!! pls....
8 September, 10:09; sako, japan
an idiot driving a fast car
8 September, 10:08; parthi, india
f1 wont be the same with out you .. you are the reason i'm so hooked up in to it all .. please stay and give me a chance to see you live in action
8 September, 10:08; Neis, Germany
Bitte bleib .

Der F1 wird ohne Dich etwas fehlen.
8 September, 10:08; Lawrence Laid, Philippines
Please Stay MS,im a Avid Fan of your's My Wish for you is to win both title (Contructors and Drivers Championship) And i know for sure you can do it Again,
8 September, 10:08; lovems, China
上海交通大学校党委一致通过决定舒马赫继续 留在F1.
8 September, 10:08; Andreas, Germany
Schumi muss weiterfahren. Ohne ihn ist die F1 noch nicht mal die Hälfte wert. Schumi ist F1!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 10:07; ouou, china
We love you!!!
Please stay here!!!
8 September, 10:07; Sunny Sharma, India
Schumi Please stay in Formula 1 .
Don't Retire.
8 September, 10:07; Tanya Zlobina, RUS
Michael don't go!!!!!!!!!!! Please stay F1!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 10:07; Mike Noble, England
Your abiliity drew me into the sport, and its been a great few years. To support you and watch you out drive them all, has given me emmence pleasure. If you leave there is certainly no one to replace you, pleas stay, but as always I will respect your decision, if you leave, F1 will be a lesser sport.
8 September, 10:07; Yimin Yang, China
nothing special. just pls stay here for the love of f1.
without u the race is no more fun
8 September, 10:07; Peter Heinemann, Germany / Berlin
Bitte bleibe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 10:07; Jane, Russia
Michael! In any way we All be proud of you!And we all will remeber you, because F1 it's YOU.
8 September, 10:07; Irene Z, Russia
Dear Michael! Don't leave the F1!!! Don't leave us, your fans!!! F1 without You seems to be so different - strange, cold and dark... It will lose so much when You leave! Please just stay and continue to make us happy with Your smile!!! And thank You for everything! LOVE YOU
8 September, 10:07; Steven Holdsworth, England
About time the cheat left F1.
8 September, 10:07; Roman ,, Czech Republik
Michael please stey inF1.
8 September, 10:06; Nicholas, Belarus
I have been a fan of yours from the very beginning of your career in F1 just because of the fact that I saw a real hero of this sport that could win races not taking into account the quality of the car and weather conditions. You are still that Michael, stay and show once again that there still exists the spirit of F1, cause it lives together with REAL, not temporary, WORLD CHAMPION - MICHAEL SCHUMACHER! VIVA!
8 September, 10:06; deproost pascal, belgium
please schumi stay in f1
outherwise we will miss you
you are the best driver of the world
8 September, 10:06; ouou, 中国
Micheal!Micheal!Micheal!Micheal!Micheal!Micheal!Micheal!Mich eal!Micheal!Micheal!......................................
8 September, 10:06; tsk, india
Hey dont go just yet. Your last season in F1 has to be a winning season. And while you are at it make such a record that it can never be broken.
8 September, 10:06; hate Schumacher, Germany
allerhöchste Zeit, daß Schummel-Schumi zurücktritt/zurückgetreten wird. Rolex-Ralfi müsste sich gleich anschließen. Auf der heimischen Gokart-Bahn sind noch Jobs als Tankwart und Fähnchenschwenker zu vergeben.
High time to retreat voluntarily, get out or get kicked out of F1 in the best interest of motorsport.
8 September, 10:06; Sunny Sharma, India
Michael don't retire.
(Formula One) without you will be (Formula Zero)
Please Stay)
8 September, 10:05; infernal, 中国
舒米,我们都在等你最后的答案,你忍心让我 们伤心吗?留下来吧!和我们一起奋斗,永远 支持你!!!
8 September, 10:05; Anya, Russia
please stay in F1 racing! You are most important person in F1 world for us. We hope you wil read our message!
Please, please, please...
8 September, 10:05; Jasper, 123
8 September, 10:05; 孟竹, CHN
8 September, 10:05; Richard, Scotland
I don't think Micheal would want to be in an equal machine to Kimi if that is what is the plan. I also think Michael should go before he cheats again.... or is a Jacques/Damon incident going to happen again with Fernado in the last race. F1 will be better without Schumacher.
8 September, 10:05; Jean Pierre, Italy
Thank you for all those years in Ferrari: our ever best driver!
P.S. to Grim Jim James Allen Jardine, uk: poor guy, what about another sport, maybe golf or cricket?
8 September, 10:05; giorgi, georgia
Michael, pease stay.... we all pray for you god bless you. please give us on more great year with you. RED BARON pleas stay
8 September, 10:05; Mixeuer Zhu, China
F1 without Schumi is like life without S*E*X!!!!
Don't go,please!!!!!
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