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8 September, 10:17; nick, england
Where's the pissoffoutofF1Michael com site?
8 September, 10:17; Jennii, France
Reste Schumi !!
8 September, 10:17; AMAR, INDIA
Please stay.
8 September, 10:17; alonso, spain
stay to f... you
8 September, 10:16; Corra, West Germany
Now it's Ralf's turn, ya?
8 September, 10:16; John, UK
Formula 1 will never be the same when you leave. Give the fans one more year at least.

See you in Melbourne 07
8 September, 10:16; rene de vries, holland
please stay and show the athers how its don.
8 September, 10:16; vera, China
C'mon Shumi..Please stay..when i heard that you may not stay in F1..i cried...F1 is meaningless without u..we need u..F1 need u..the whole world want you to stay..ur so precious to us..so,,we do hope u could stay..we have used to the days spent on watching your games.. i can hardly imagine how can i watch a game without u ..maybe 1 more year is not a long time..it's too short for us to enjoy ur performance..but it's very important..it means we can watch more ur games..because watching ur game is the happiest things for us..my english may not good..but i know how to express my love and the hope that you could stay to u...ur showing that F1 is an exciting and interesting sport..at the same time.. ur showing that ur the best in F1..i know we should understand ur choice..but we do want you to stay foat least 1 more year instead of saying goodbye to F1..in our hearts, ur the whole world.ur also an impoetant part in inspiring more and more people to work hard..in my opinion.ur stand for a spirit.a spirit of never giving up..so...please stay..there're 2 days left before u tell the world what ur decision is...these past fews days means several years to me ...waiting is a hard thing..,u've won much glories..what we fans want to see is that u winthe final championship in 2007.. ur still strong enough to win every game..put all troubles aside..go on in 2007...now is not for u to leave but yo continue..push on Shumi...! your fans will support u forever.! Shumi...we need u...F1 need u...the whole world need u.....!
8 September, 10:16; Kate, Scotland
Hey michael : stay - i couldn't watch F1 without you. You are always the man they say can change a race around. Remember your passion for racing; remember that you can still beat them!
8 September, 10:16; Kenny5, Eire
There rest are pretenders not contenders.
We know MS has 3 more championships in him.
8 September, 10:16; Pavel PIacsek, Czech Republic
Michael, you must stay in F1 championship , because when you will leave it , the F1 will lose the biggest person and legend which it had . Thank you Michael for all.............
8 September, 10:15; Arun Kumar, India
Please don't retire !!!
8 September, 10:15; andrejs, latvija
paliec mi6a paliec tev nav kur iet!!! tu esi nr 1
8 September, 10:15; Hugo, Norway
You are not that old Michael.
8 September, 10:15; jr faulkner, England
Please don't stop.........
8 September, 10:15; gareth waplington, england
michael u have gave me so much plesure as i have grone from a boy to a man. i hve supported u from when i was 10 years old. let me tell u that u have two more good years at the top mate dont retire please micheal . if u still enloy racing and u feel compettitive then carry on .but i respect your decetion. i just wish i had the chance to meet u mate and pay my respecs. god blees
8 September, 10:15; Melkin from Russia, The best Country
You are super!!!
8 September, 10:15; Karen, England
Michael, I have watched you race in F1 since your Jordan days and have always been a huge fan, you have an amazing talent and F1 just wouldn't be the same without you, you bring excitement to every race and its because of your presence in the sport that my hear starts to race when I see rainclouds at a circuit, please give us at least one more year
8 September, 10:15; Anastacia, Russia
schumi stay in f1!!!

Шуми, пожалуйста, останься в Формуле 1!!!!
8 September, 10:14; Ustinkin Roman, Russia
Dear Michael, Please stay!!!!! Youre BEST!!!!
8 September, 10:14; Harry, UK
Get out you naughty boy, you tried to kill Damon, DC and your parking 'incident' was not worthy of someone with as much 'talent' as you.
8 September, 10:14; Daniele, italia
Per la prossima stagione hai già il titolo prenotato.Perchè lasciare? Segui il tuo istinto vincente
8 September, 10:14; Tom Moloney, Ireland
Behind the wheel the guy is a genious ! Unfortunately we all get old and everyone needs to retire at some stage. The problem we have is that there is nobody to fill his shoes. It will be less special without him. I just hope he gives us another year .... or even two.
8 September, 10:14; ouou, China
I don't know what to say now.
Because I have already said a lot.
There is one:we love you forever!!!
8 September, 10:14; winnie24, China
i only want to say, you are the best!!! the best!!!
8 September, 10:14; Kimi, Finlandia
Please stay so we have have some 'honest' racing between ourselves next year.

mumblw mumble
8 September, 10:14; cosi, spain
a tu puta casa! y a los ferraristas que les den por el cacas
8 September, 10:14; reinis, latvija
schu stay stay :)
8 September, 10:13; samander, China
please stay
8 September, 10:13; gicu, ro
bai boule, npulla drumu tie.
uite la oameni, nebunesc nna aici.
trumeste nna si pe ei, si acasa fute chiar azi!
8 September, 10:13; Tania R, Moldova
MIKKI, Please stay!!!!!
8 September, 10:13; Rainer Sauermann, GERMANY
MICHEAL YOU ARE THE BEST DRIVER! Please stay for next year. We need you!!!
8 September, 10:13; Tim rex, china
8 September, 10:13; Marat, Russia
Michael, you can make much people happy, if you stay in F1. I hope, you do it. Thank you very much for your career, races, wins!
8 September, 10:13; Melkin from Russia, The best Country
8 September, 10:13; artis, latvija
stay michel stay wi love yu!!!!!!
8 September, 10:12; Jozef, Slovakia
Schu,i is No.1 , forever...
8 September, 10:12; Naz bhatoo, UK
Best there was, best there is, best there ever will be!!!! Please don't leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 10:11; Ribena, Brazil
Give me my dog back!!!!!!
8 September, 10:11; Andre Bender, Germany
Micha du musst drin bleiben!!!
8 September, 10:11; jay, UK
About time you hung up your helmet, Michael. While there is no doubt you are the best driver in formula one, your career has been surrounded by controversy and your team have backed your backhandedness every time. Maybe with Kimi driving for them we'll see some good honest racing at every race!
8 September, 10:11; Anthony, Redditch, England
Dear Michael,

Thank you for such exciting years of racing in F1, but I think it's time for you to hang up your helmet for the last time at the end of this season. We won’t miss your dirty cheating ways but we will miss the ‘Professional driver’ and the legend that was Michael Schumacher.

at the best for NASCAR!! Ha Ha!!
8 September, 10:11; Yang Zhu, china
Stay here ,Micheal.
我们真的希望你能留下来..没有你的F1将 是多么的无趣.留下来吧.
8 September, 10:11; Mitya, Russia
8 September, 10:11; Paulene, Russia
It's totally up to you, Michael... but we just love you so much! You should quit, earlier or later, of course... but let's hope you'll do this as an at least eight time champion.
You're a great person.
8 September, 10:11; Lesnyak, Russia
Please stay!!!!!
8 September, 10:11; c, china
please stay in formula1 where we need u.......
8 September, 10:10; lovems, China
Restez, s'il vous plaît.

Nous vous'aimons.
8 September, 10:10; LAN, CHIAN
希望你能留下来,想永远看到你在赛道上飞翔 。
8 September, 10:10; Sandro Vrhovac, Croatia
Do what you love. Don't listen to critics who weren't able to achieve one half of what you did.

Life is a roller-coaster, but yet, who wants to end the best part?
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