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8 September, 10:24; Witch of the West, west
Ding Dong,
The cheat is gone
8 September, 10:24; Ji, Australia
Wanna see u win ur 100th GP!!!
8 September, 10:24; Piyush, India
hi dude all the best you need to stay with us
8 September, 10:23; LOVE SCHUMI, CHINA
STAY IN F1 我们爱你,永远永远
8 September, 10:23; ant, uk
have a look at www.nxt-gen.com (funny picture)
8 September, 10:23; Ralph Dill, South Africa
A sea change is due, but where will the sport find an Icon like you again. With you goes an era, a phenomenon and a master of the sport. Stay here one more year! Retire from driving end 2007 and then start managing in F1. I am sure you will be the most successful ever driver turned manager, it's your next calling
8 September, 10:23; Nihal, India
Please stay in F1 with Ferrari and kick Alonso's butt next year.
8 September, 10:23; mi6a, LATVIJA
please stay!!!! NR 1
8 September, 10:23; Jean Todt, Italy
LOL Heinze
8 September, 10:22; lina, lebanon
u still the best wherever u retire or u continue but please stay and beat alonso pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
8 September, 10:22; jadelight hu, china
don't go please
8 September, 10:22; Sean Rogers, South Africa
Come on Shumi, one more year, you know you want to!!!
8 September, 10:22; Kim, China
I love you!舒米
8 September, 10:22; Katrin, RUSSIA
RUSSIA love you!
8 September, 10:22; mery, italia
Caro Michael,
grazie per averci regalato tantissime emozioni con la tua Ferrari. Ma ti prego, RESTA!!! Comunque vada, tu sei e resterai il campione dei campioni.
8 September, 10:22; SARRY, CHIAN
8 September, 10:22; Mano Moodaley, South Africa
Com' on Schumi, please stay. You still have so much to offer the sport. One more year pleeze.... Watching F1 without the presence of the "7 Times World Champion" will not be the same..... Please stay !!!
8 September, 10:22; Tim rex, china
8 September, 10:21; Murat Hasani, Kosovo
Formula one is not going to be the same without you
It's no reason for us to watch formula one next season if you are not there
Please do it at least another year for tifosi
8 September, 10:21; Tömmes, Germany
Schumi Du bist und bleibst der Beste! World-Champion 2006 & 2007!!!!
8 September, 10:21; Melkin from Russia, The best Country
Michael is CHAMPION FOREVER!!!!!
8 September, 10:21; samir sissaoui, algeria
please Michael saty . f1 without you is never going to be the same....please!
8 September, 10:21; Sandra, latvija
please stay in f1 i love yu
8 September, 10:21; HH Frentzen, Monaco
I porked your wife and she's as bad as your current driving.

8 September, 10:20; Abdenbi, Belgium
whether u stop or not.. u will always be one of the greatest sportsmen ever! Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher...

I hope Anna Kournikova makes her comeback ;-) I sure do miss her!
8 September, 10:20; Edgars, LATVIA
Neej prom! Tu esi pats labākais!!!!
8 September, 10:20; J, China, Shanghai
Please don't leave us !! please!!!!
8 September, 10:20; Tim, Belgium
Michael, stay please in F1. I'm a big fan and every time you win you make me happy.
8 September, 10:20; jacky, china
8 September, 10:20; František Rafaja, Czech Republic
8 September, 10:20; Gaurav, INDIA
U need to stay in F1
8 September, 10:20; Lilia, China
Schumi, please stay in F1. We need you!
8 September, 10:19; natasha lebedeva, Russia
Please stay in F1!!!!!! We love you......
8 September, 10:19; Steve, UK
Surely the most successful F1 driver ever would want to leave with 100 victories under his belt? Stay another year and give the fans something to look forward to!
8 September, 10:19; Damon Villeneuve, UKanada
The sooner you retire the better. You will not be missed for long !!
8 September, 10:19; Melkin from Russia, The best Country
Hey! Harry! You are BAD GIRL Michael is superman!!!
8 September, 10:19; Helen, England
Here here Nick! He's boring now and he's past it! Time for the cheat to go! Bye bye Schumi!
8 September, 10:19; ganesh, India
hey mate,
dont leave F1 - u have it in you to win atleast another 2 championships.. so why leave now when u can still be the best in the world ? the fans all over the world will miss u and F1 will not be the same again... Please stay .. atleast for the sake of the millions of fans you have...
8 September, 10:19; Dmitry, Belarus
Hi, Michael!
All your Belarus funs ask You to stay in F1 at least on more year! You are The Heart of Grand Prix! F1 will lost a lot without You1 Please, stay!!!
8 September, 10:18; henry, france
Nick, nice question!
8 September, 10:18; Antonio, italy
ehi michael sono antonio dall italia,volevo solo dirti che tu e la ferrari per me avete rappresentato la formula 1 e non vorrei che uno dei migliori piloti di sempre (italiano per adozione ormai)si ritirasse da uno sport che ormai lo rappresenta....grazie,ma voglio continuare a gioire per le tue vittorie....per favore rimani in formula shumi.....
8 September, 10:18; Nicholas, BELARUS
I have been a fan of yours from the very beginning of your career in F1 just because of the fact that I saw a real hero of this sport that could win races not taking into account the quality of the car and weather conditions. You are still that Michael, stay and show once again that there still exists the spirit of F1, cause it lives together with REAL, not temporary, WORLD CHAMPION - MICHAEL SCHUMACHER! VIVA!
8 September, 10:18; rihards un artis, Riga Latvija
don't stop..... tu esi number 1 number 1 number 1
8 September, 10:18; Maz, Ireland
I haven't had the chance to get to a grand prix yet and see you race, if you stay I promise I will go next season please stay, please!!!!!!!
8 September, 10:18; Chris, Germany
Hi Schumi! Please stay in F1!!! (...and kick alonsos ass!!! ;-) )
8 September, 10:18; Anthony, UK
Michael please rearange these words

lost get
8 September, 10:18; Flo, Switzerland
I want to go back to Brazil
8 September, 10:17; Michael Filletti, Malta
Michael if you retire,Formula 1 would have lost the greatest driver ever.You are the reason I watch F1.True great drivers are telling you to retire such as Berger,Lauda but you drive like you are ten years younger You will break my heart if you retire this season.Out of all the famous people I have heard you are my favourite.PLEASE DON,T RETIRE SCHUMI.I were are and always will be the greatest driver even if someone gets more than 7 titles.FORZA SCHUMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 10:17; dave, UK
Without him, there will be little worth loving or hating in this sport. Lost Montoya, lose Schumacher and it won't be worth watching.
8 September, 10:17; Andrea, Italia
Sei ancora il più forte, la Ferrari è la vettura migliore e lo sarà anche il prossimo anno! Regalaci il tuo nono mondiale!
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