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8 September, 07:32; dusan, czech republic
please stay, stay 4 us, stay 4 all moto fans
8 September, 07:32; Sarah, Germany
Schumi. Du bist der beste!!! Du musst weiter machen.
8 September, 07:32; Marcel.K, Deutschland
Schumi würde es schön finden wenn Du noch 1 Saison weiter machen würdest und Dich dem Kimi Raikkönnen somit stellen würdest. Denn ich bin der überzeugung das Du den, wie alle Deine Teamkollegen im griff hättest. Somit würden auch die ganzen Kritiker die immer sagten das Du keinen gleich wertigen Fahrer an Deiner Seite haben willst Mundtot gemacht. Falls Du am Sonntag doch den Rücktritt bekannt gibst, werde ich Dich vermissen. Danke für die schöne Zeit und möge Deine weitere Zukunft genauso so erfolgreich sein wie Deine Gegenwart und Vergangenheit.
8 September, 07:32; Manfred Mulder, Germany
Lieber Michael, wenn Du aus der Formel1 aussteigt, wird diese total uninteressant. Bitte hänge noch eine Saison dran.
8 September, 07:31; karthik, INDIA
Go Michel GOOOOOO.......
8 September, 07:31; BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER, China
8 September, 07:31; LUKAS PODOLSKI, CHINA
8 September, 07:30; shues, philippines
i only watch F1 because of you. You are the heart and soul of F1. Stay for a few more years, pleeeeease
8 September, 07:29; Markus, Deutschland
Hättest besser schon vor zwei Jahren aufhören sollen. Da warst du am Höhepunkt. Was wäre Ferrari denn ohne dich. sie würden hinterherfahren im hinteren drittel. Siegst du, feiert Italien Ferrari, Siegst du nicht, beschimpfen und beleidigen die Italienischen Medien dich derbe.....Mach dir ein schönes Leben mit deiner Familie und geniesse deine Erfolge. Die F1 wird dann leider öde und unintressant. Das Medienintresse um die F1 geht dann auch den Bach herunter.
8 September, 07:29; Adrian, Shanghai China
Don't leave.You still have some opponents to beat.Please look at the sky,and remember,this is the only thing bigger than you!
8 September, 07:29; Nadiejda, Ukrein
Время еще не пришло. Не уходи !!!!!!!
8 September, 07:29; Vladislav Makurin, Russia
Michael!! Remain in F1 only if you want it. But it seems to me, when you win the next race, it is visible that as for the first time! And so your victories which I saw all. Do not leave, in fact they and most are necessary to you!!
8 September, 07:29; lukas podolski, CHINA
8 September, 07:29; Frank, Germany
Michael darf auf keinen Fall aufhören, er ist eine lebende Legende in der Formel 1. Keiner hat diesen Motorsport stärker geprägt als er und ohne ihn wäre sein Team von Ferrari auch nicht das was es heute ist. wenn er geht geht auch die Formel 1. Es war zwar in den letzten Rennen in dieser Saison nicht einfach für Michael, aber er hat uns gezeigt, dass es wieder aufwärst geht und was ich jetzt sage, ich glaube da spreche ich für alle anderen.
Michael Schumacher du darfst die Formel 1 nicht verlassen, wir, deine Fans, stehen hinter Dir.
8 September, 07:29; Colin, Canada
While I would never presume to insist you stay in Formula 1 if you were ready to leave, there is no doubt in my mind that the sport would lose it's greatest ambassador and largest talent. You are to F1 what Gretzky is to hockey here in Canada - the supreme icon and the athlete against whom all others will forever be compared.

It has been my complete pleasure to watch you drive over the years, and I fondly remember a great many of the spectacular drives you've put in. The phenominal record in the rain, including races where you lapped a massive four seconds faster than the opposition, spring to mind. The utterly mechanical way you attacked the track, with virtually no variance in line and lap time was incredible to behold. The unbridled enthusiasm that you continue to display is inspirational and something I try to bring to every aspect of my life.

You are one of those rare athletes that trancends time and will live on forever. If there was one wish I could have granted when it comes to F1, it would be that you remain forever young and able to race eternally. The simple fact is, you are one of the most influential and important athletes in modern times. While I don't fear for the health of F1 when you're gone, I do expect the excitement level to diminish substantially. I feel it would be a lucky day if I saw a racer even half as complete as you during my lifetime.

If you do retire, Michael, good luck with all your future endeavours. If you remain another year or two, however, then I'll watch you with the same enthusiasm you show at the track.

Regardless, thank you for the countless memories.
8 September, 07:28; Steven L.C.Sun, China
Michael,it isn't time to leave!
8 September, 07:28; Christian, Germany
Michael, you are still the fastest of all!
8 September, 07:28; BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER, China
8 September, 07:28; Anthony, Russia
Anyway you the best! We love you, Michael!
8 September, 07:28; Ishraq Wahab, Sri Lanka
Dear Micheal,
Just because you've broken every record in f1 that doesn't mean its time to leave. That time will come only when you no longer want to or are not competitive enough to race. Till then do NOT be pressurized by any one and ANY talk, Keep on racing and whoop the rest of those silly ass drivers on the f1 grid for a few more glorious years.
Plus i was planning on coming to malaysia next year to watch you for the first time in my life in a live GP, please let me live my dream.
8 September, 07:27; Saurabh, India
I started following F1 since 2005 season only. But the fame which you have achieved used to echo in all the newspapers and websites. So you were very much a known figure to me in F1. But when I started following F1, it was then when I got to know THE MICHAEL. You are simply great. And I do not say that, your numbers say that .To stay or to go is completely your decision. But please stay in touch with your fans and audiences. Please remain actively involved in F1 ring.
8 September, 07:27; Pepa, Czech republic
Michael, please stay in F1. Please, please, please...
8 September, 07:26; Petr Bedan, Czech Republic
Dont go away Michael, stay and win more titles, good luck for another races wish Fans from Brno(CZ)
8 September, 07:26; Vyacheslav, Russia
Michael, please stay. You are the best for the all times. Your bolid is very fast and competitive now. I believe your best wins ahead!!
8 September, 07:26; Gundars, Latvia
You are the best champion . Please, please, please, stay in F1 !!!
8 September, 07:25; Thomas Potter, Canada
Micheal you are my hero. I watched since you started and never missed a race. I been to everyone in canada to cheer you on. I prayed I wouldn't see this day. And I am still praying that i won't for a little while yet. You still have alot to offer and still very competitive. I still and always cheer you on and argue with anyone how great you really are. Don't leave me just yet I need to still cheer you on. You give me something to look forward to every race sunday. But if you go thank you for all the great memories, great moments and thrills of the chase. Take good care and god bless your truly number one fan. Thomas
8 September, 07:25; Pepa, Czech republic
Michael, please stay in F1... Please, please, please...
8 September, 07:25; Mike, china
we all hope you will stay,you are best,we will always support you
8 September, 07:25; Mirec Dobias, Slovakia
Michael, please stay!!! You´re the best, you´re hero!!!
8 September, 07:25; Dan, Czech Republic
All the Czech Republic want to see you in the next years in F1. Please, stay!
8 September, 07:25; Frank, China
stay, you are the king of the F1
8 September, 07:24; Lutz,Kabisch, Deutschland
Hallo Michael !Du bist und bleibst für mich der König der F1und sowohl auch als Mensch.Ich habe mit Dir mich gefreut &geweint,und werde Deine Meinung akzeptieren,sowohl respektieren.Denn nur du kannst selber entscheiden(und Famiele).Ich werde immer an Dich denken,wenn ich mit meinem Auto fahre und würde mich freuen ab und zu mal etwas von Dir zu hören.Ich finde es nur Schade wie man mit einen König umgeht!Ich werde Dich auf jeden Fall ehren wie ein KÖNIG!!!
8 September, 07:24; Влад, f1-king@yandex.ru
8 September, 07:24; Paolo, Philippines
Drive until you`re 80! F1 won`t be the same without the Rain Meister, The Red Baron, the Demi-god of Speed, Schumi!
8 September, 07:24; michele, UK
LET me keep being so proud of seeing my Italia and y FERRARI on top of the world. Lead us to the win and to the joyce like in the last years.
8 September, 07:23; marcis, Latvia
Stay. you are the best !!!
8 September, 07:23; Герцен Георгий, Россия
8 September, 07:23; РОман, Россия
Ты лучший! Без тебя Формула померкнет! Не уходи!
8 September, 07:23; Simanowich Sergey, Russia
Ты обязан остаться!
8 September, 07:22; Keshav, India
Dear Micheal,
Please stay in F1. It is difficult to imagine F1 with out you. Even if you don't win the races... don't get the pole position, you bring lots of charm to the sport. We all request you to continue as long as you enjoy the game. Don't bother about 37 or 38.... you are still compitative, fit and enjoyong. I feel you should take a go for at least one more year.
8 September, 07:22; Rohit, India
You have to Stay!!!
8 September, 07:22; Nitin Dube, India
You are the best and F1 needs you.
8 September, 07:22; Pepa, Czech republik
Michael, please Stay in F1. Please, Please, Please...
8 September, 07:21; Tibor Pintes, Hungary
8 September, 07:21; tom morgan, germany
hi michael,
zeigs diesen Nasen noch ein-zwei mal und mach den Zehner voll!


einer deiner grössten Fans
8 September, 07:21; rogerchris, china
8 September, 07:21; Markus Lorenz, Germany
Was soll das denn werden, ohne DEN Schumacher?! Halbwarm oder halbkalt?
8 September, 07:21; Janis, Latvia
Please please stay in F1 and win more two champion titles, and then it can begin to think for a 10th champion title! F1 without you already is not F1
8 September, 07:20; oopar, china
8 September, 07:20; Вано, Россия
Оставайся! Не надо уходить. Протирать штаны на пенсии - это не для тебя!
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