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8 September, 08:46; lynda, Malaysia
Michael, pls stay a little longer cos you are the best and I don't want to give up reason for watching F1. The others are just pretending to be good but you are tne best. I would love to see you race against Raikonnen in the same car and Alanso in Mclaren trying to catch up to you. I have followed your great carrer and no one can beat that. Pls 2 years more
8 September, 08:46; Veronika, Czech Republic
Michael please stay in F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 08:46; daniela, italy
Michael please stay with us!!!!!
8 September, 08:45; Hannah, England
Please stay at least one more year so I can come and see you race in Germany! F1 will not be the same without you.
8 September, 08:45; Dave, UK
We all think you should stay and show them all how a real F1 driver does his business!!!
8 September, 08:45; Peter, Slovakia
Michael please stay in F1!!!
8 September, 08:45; Agina, China
Schumi, we need you,F1 need you,everybody here need you,and the vitories 're still waiting for you,

Don't go,Please stay! no more tears ,no more despair!
8 September, 08:45; Antoine, France
You are probably about the bigger cheat er in history...go park cars in a Hotel in Majorca.
8 September, 08:45; Henri Bosmans, Belgium
Alstublieft Michael, blijf in de F1. Je bent nu de enige concurrent voor Alonso. Als jij stopt heeft hij geen concurrentie meer en wordt hij weer wereldkampioen, en de F1 een saaie bedoening. De toegangsprijzen voor de GP op de Nürburgring zijn alweer gestegen, en wat gaan we daar te zien krijgen, een one man show van Alonso ?
8 September, 08:45; 裘亮, 中国
8 September, 08:44; PIETRO, ITALIA
8 September, 08:44; zengyi, china
I hope you can stay in F1,as a hero in many people's hearts ,we would remember you as the really king in F1 forever.
8 September, 08:44; carlo elequin, philippines
don't quit yet, let fernando eat some more of your dust!
8 September, 08:44; Andrew Zhigulev, Russia
Michael, you give us reason to drive!
Please stay!!!
8 September, 08:44; Petr Novotný, Česká republika
Sakra dej ještě sezónu ! Zůstaň !
8 September, 08:44; sharky74, Germany
You must go on and win the next Championchip!!!
8 September, 08:44; Miha, Slovenia
Michael, please stay! At least for another year. It´s never going to be the same without having you around. I´m afraid a lot of fans will never again watch F1. We have been supporting you since Benetton days and you gave us joy on every single Sunday - if you lost we lost, if you won, we won.
Don´t take that away from us.
8 September, 08:44; Слава, Ukraine
Михаэль, ты лучший. Без тебя F1 будет не та.
8 September, 08:44; Andrey P Bogodiazh, Belarus
8 September, 08:44; Marko, Germany
please stay
8 September, 08:43; Qiu Liang, China
F1 needs schumi. we need you......
8 September, 08:43; Cooler, Russia
What is F1 without Michael?
Who will kick Renault's asses?
Only Schumacher!
8 September, 08:43; Ali, Украина
Микаэль! Если ты уйдешь, нам просто не за кого будет болеть! Останься!!!
8 September, 08:43; Steff, Deutschland
Ich hätte Verständnis wenn Sie aufhören würden. Obwohl ich Sie gerne einmal live erlebt hätte, was mir bis lang aus gesundheitlichen Gründen leider nicht möglich war.
D A N K E für die schöne Zeit !!!
8 September, 08:43; oleg, ukraine
Останься пожалуйста, без тебя Ф1 не будет
8 September, 08:42; Mihails, Latvia
Please stay in Formula One. Ferrari is nothing without you.
8 September, 08:42; Emma, Australia
so the point is i pretty much watch f1 for you! like my friends pay me out and i tell them ur like the best f1 driver in like ever! i sit up and watch it at my dads! ITS THE BEST! why? becos of u! stick it out for like another 2years and then do watever u want! but please please stay! you have to u like own f1! i now just say im going to wat schumacher! its everything! stay make all ur fans and everyone that watches u proud! your the best! xx
8 September, 08:42; Jim, Australia
Michael....Don't retire yet. F1 need your calibre of driver.
8 September, 08:42; Sorry about it, everywhere
Michael, you've lost it...Go home.
8 September, 08:42; Antonio, Italy
PLease don't leave formula 1 to Alonso
8 September, 08:41; René Stig Jacobsen, Denmark
You are still without any doubts the best and fastest driver in F1. I bleive you still have many GP vitories and a couple of World Championships in you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the fantastic racing experinces you have given me over the years. you will always be my number 1.
8 September, 08:41; Andko, Hungary
The F1 need the Heros. The talents. Stay :)
8 September, 08:41; Medved, Russia
Мишга, Мишга, где твайа улыбга?
я тебя видел есчо кагда ты на Бенедоне йесдил
Бабла ты срубил зайебись, йа бы тоже палажил на эту формулу, нахуйа здоровье дальше гробить, Сенна вот не дожил. Так что прально, нахх эти гонкина конях педальных.
8 September, 08:41; Salvis, Latvija
Tu esi labākais ;)
8 September, 08:41; Alexander, Russia
Михаэль, с Вашими достижениями и тем, как Вы их добивались (далеко не всегда честно) очень хочу, чтобы Вы оставили этот спорт впокое
8 September, 08:40; Ruping Cao, China
Please stay
8 September, 08:40; Johan Herscheid, Netherlands
He Schumi, please stay a little longer in the F1, i really want to see you racing against Raikonen in the same car. Because i think you are te best driver ever and still are the best driver.
We all would mis you. But if you stop, tanx for all the year of great racing.
8 September, 08:40; harriet, China
I am Chinese girl. When I first watch Formula1 was 14 years old .you accompany with me 12 years. Please stay! Nothing can give me more happy than you .you are the best. Please don’t leave F1. We will stay with you.
8 September, 08:40; юрий, Украина
Миха ты классный гонщик. Слежу за твоей карьерой с самого первого твоего выступления. Надеюсь что мы еще будем иметь честь видеть тебя за штурвалом красной машины. Ты настоящий чемпион остальные так балласт. Гоняйся.............! Удачи!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 08:40; arie, holland
stay stay stay stay
8 September, 08:40; Konstantin, Ukraine, Donetsk
Michael, please, don't go from Formula-1. I'm your fan from 1995 (now i'm only 22 years old). For me Michael Schumacher is Formula 1 and Formula 1 is Michael Schumacher!!!
8 September, 08:40; wendy, cz
Měl bys už skončit jsi starý dědek Michale
8 September, 08:40; Roberto, switzerland
Please Michael don't leave F1 now. Next year you will have all the chances to be one more time champion. Everybody the same tires and Ferrari has a very good experience with Bridgestone, and Alonso will leave join McLaren, a team that is not really on the top. Finally F1 without you will be monotonous
8 September, 08:40; antonio, moskau
8 September, 08:40; Goldyara, Russia
Michael Schumacher was, is and will be the best racer of the Formula-1 and so will be always, ALWAYS !!!!
8 September, 08:40; Leanne, China
Plzzzzzz. make ur racing go on
8 September, 08:39; Giorgi Ch., Georgia
Shumi No one is stronger than You! You have just to stay in F1,Don't go
8 September, 08:39; alex, belarus
michael please stay in f1
8 September, 08:39; Tristan, Australia
i aint here to try and make you stay in Formula 1.... i'm here to tell you..... you aint leaving ferrari, or f1 this year.... formula 1 isnt the same without you.... imagine it, alonso would beat all ure records cus no one would be able to compete with him..... you have to stay its like watching soccer without brazil there is no point they are the best and so are you....ok you have already made ure mind up but we all know ure staying,,,,, your heart is in the shape of the ferrari logo your too passionate about the sport to leave your like pizza without cheese ure like a ferrari without the wheels you are the thing that makes formula 1-FORMULA 1... stay for one more year show everyone again that you are the best.... win this championship and make it 9 on ure retirement...... all the best matey
8 September, 08:39; harriet, China
We will stay with you.
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