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8 September, 09:14; Serj, England
Please stay!
8 September, 09:13; Aniello, Italy
sei il migliore
8 September, 09:13; Ati, Hungary
You know...
8 September, 09:13; Heinz Kosfelder, Germany
F1 ohne Michael wird verdammt langweilig
Michael, senza di te la Formula 1 non sarà più la stessa.
Sei stato il più grande vincitore della storia, uno dei più grandi piloti di tutti i tempi, non abbandonarci adesso.
Resta almeno fino alle 100 vittorie.
Ciao, Francesco
8 September, 09:13; Jose Augustin, India
See you in Melbourne 2007 Grand Prix
8 September, 09:12; Lynn, China
Do not leave,please
Love you forever !!!^O^

8 September, 09:12; Frank Cardile, Australia
See you in Melbourne 2007 Grand Prix
8 September, 09:12; Arup Ghoshal, India
Hi, I know you will not be reading this but I am 100% sure you have millions of fans around the world and practically all the folks watching F1 in India got hooked on to F1 because of you.

Hope you stick around for another year so that I can try my best to attend atleast 1 GP next year and see you in the flesh.

Arup Ghoshal
Mumbai, India
8 September, 09:11; barish, turkey
you are a legend , it will really be pity for the new generation to not be able to see the great champion,
8 September, 09:11; Martin Smith, England
The reason for you to stay : The Buzz of being a competeive driver, The reason for us wanting you to stay: Watching everybody else trying to beat you! Please stay and remain No 1
8 September, 09:11; R.G., Belgium
U bent een doodrijder please go
8 September, 09:11; Yury, Russia
Just stay please! Especially now, when you have Alonso to fight with!
8 September, 09:10; Francois van Heerden, South Africa
There might be a day when Michael Schumacher must retire from F1, but this is not that day. Let the Michael era remain for the time being.
8 September, 09:10; Evgeniy, Belarus,Minsk
Don`t go,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:10; miaomiao, China
We need you.
8 September, 09:09; alex, russia
8 September, 09:09; freshdriver, germany
you should stop at your peak, about two years ago
8 September, 09:09; MilanP, Czech Republic
Do not leave! We love to see you racing!
8 September, 09:09; EMDEPO, Italy
Hi Schumi,
race other two season, you have still a lot to win.
You are the best car-racing driver.

8 September, 09:09; Evgeniy, Belarus,Minsk
We all love you,please don`t quit!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:09; me, nl
please go and stay at home
8 September, 09:09; Mandy, England
Dont go Michael... you are still the best there is and you should go for the 100 Wins and the most grand prixs contested...
We Love you Schumi!!!!
8 September, 09:09; Hanka, Czech Republic
Schumi,stay please...!!!! You're the best...,my NO.1.!!!!
8 September, 09:08; Nikolay, Ukraine
Ты обыграешь Алонзу в Рено в этом году, почему бы не сделать это в сл. году и с МакЛареном???? ОНИ хотят чтоб ты их сделал!!! МЫ хотим чтоб ты всем доказал - ты не зря ЭТО делаешь!!! Крсный барон - это титул на всю жизнь... :)
8 September, 09:08; Yra, Russia
В России Твое имя стало нарицательным."Шумахер" -Так называют людей которые очень быстро ездят по обычным дорогам!Поэтому в Росии мы знаем что ты не уйдешь никогда!!!
8 September, 09:08; Werner Mödl, Bayern
Ohne Schumacher hat Deutschland doch gar nichts mehr, auf das man stolz sein kann! Es kann doch nicht sein, daß seine Feinde jetzt triumphieren dürfen, und er ihnen das Feld überläßt! Er muß einfach bleiben und es diesen feigen Typen überall zeigen!
8 September, 09:08; Frank Thoolen, Nederland
Hoi Michael,

Alhoewel ik groot fan ben van Jos Verstappen vind ik jouw toch een groot coureur en persoon, ik zou dan ook nog doorgaan tot je 10 wereldtitels in de F1 binnen hebt, je kan het !!!!

8 September, 09:08; Dario Cardona, Italy
F1 without you is dead!!!
8 September, 09:08; Luca, Italy
Michael, you are the best driver in the world and Ferrari team is a piece of my heart. One more world championship, please!
8 September, 09:07; Klemen, Slovenia
I`ve been watching formula since i was 9 years old.And after i watched my first race i have been impressed by Micheal Schumacher.I have never seen such a driving like Michael produces.I am a fan of Michael forever and also Ferrari who he made it as such a great team.Schumi made the biggest impact in F1 history in all ways.I hope you stay in f1 till you win the championship one more time! you are my idol Michael.I also know i will be a Ferrari fan forever but it wont be the same without you.So Micheal i wish you all the best ! RE5PECT! :)
8 September, 09:07; Neo, Russan
Shumy, only go!!!
8 September, 09:07; CK, Germany
Bitte lass uns nicht mit den ganzen Milchbubis alleine!
8 September, 09:07; jk, usa
good riddence spoonface!!!you are lucky villeneuve sold out and went to bar....he woulda buried you and your paper record would be non existent
8 September, 09:07; Alex, Latvia
Michael, you are the best. Stay with us.
8 September, 09:06; Yogesh, South Africa
Please stay Michael, F1 will not be the same if you leave!!!!
8 September, 09:06; Ally, Australia
One of the greatest careers should end with a truly unbeatable record. Stay around for the 100th victory!
8 September, 09:06; Carlo A Garuzzo, Italy
We love you! I cannot expect to see F1 without you!!
8 September, 09:06; ying zhang, China
Michael,you are the king of F1 forever!Please don't leave us!!!! !we love you!!
8 September, 09:06; Akshay, India
Dear Mr. Michael Schumacher Sir, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE F1. I can understand if you want to, but please don't leave it till you have 11 more grands prix. That would make it a total of 100 wins and no one, absolutely no one can break that. PLEASE!! If you do leave F1 before that, I'll commit suicide. From, Your Biggest Fan. Please.
8 September, 09:06; Rossella, Italia
Non lasciare... ho iniziato a seguire la formula 1, da quanto ci sei tu... tu riesci a trasmettere un sacco di emozioni, entusiasmo, grinta, riesci a dimostrare a tutti che non dobbiamo arrenderci mai.. tu sei un CAMPIONE e lo sarai sempre.. mai nessuno come te!!!! sei nel mio cuore.. non abbandonarci... continua a trasmetterci emozioni forti solo come tu sai fare.. Ti PREGO.. RESTA I LOVE YOU
8 September, 09:06; Alex, Russia
Michael, there's one more record you didn't reach - 100 wins in F1. One more season, please!
8 September, 09:06; Anna, Russia
Please stay! Please-please-please stay!
8 September, 09:06; Calvin Cheng Yung Ban, Malaysia
I know that your decision is fixed, and I respect it.
It would be good to see you staying, and it would be good to see you fighting in future.
If you want to quit, quit with the 8th title.
Lastly, I pay the highest tribute to you!
8 September, 09:05; Diana Harding, England
No one has as much commitment and drive. He never gives up. When he wins, you'd think that it was his first, the look of pure delight at having beaten the opposition.
When he does retire, F1 will never be the same.
No, Jacques "sour grapes" Villeneuve, Michael won't be forgotten, but you just might.
8 September, 09:05; Chrisine H, England
You are the best by far please stay for another year, F1 will simply not be the same without you!
8 September, 09:05; Lex, Holland
Hi Michael,
Do me favour Sir, and retire this weekend.


8 September, 09:05; yangye, china
you are the one!schumi!!
8 September, 09:05; balaji, india
I always watch f1 u are best driver on the grid please stay on . u are as good driver as ever . I dont see any changes in ure commitment to racing , Please stay on F1 would be boring without FERRARI and U
8 September, 09:05; Krishnakumar, India
F1 needs you more than you need F1.
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