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8 September, 09:23; Scott, China
8 September, 09:23; ELena, Russia
F1 is nothing without You Michael. You can't leave us now. Anyway You'll live in our hearts forever, but please don't go now.
8 September, 09:22; only, china
schumi 不要走!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:22; Sunguobin, China
8 September, 09:22; raitis, Latvia
Cienijamais kungs esat tik laipns un palieciet vel kadu bridi!!!
8 September, 09:22; Kamil C., Czech Republic
Micheal, Please stay in F1
8 September, 09:22; Nigel Christian, England
You've got years in you yet,
Talent like yours cant depretiate with age...
Ferrari needs you Mr Schumacher.
8 September, 09:21; Dave Fellows, UK / NZ
Hey Mikey, if you want to go grab a beer sometime or go for a ride in my golf gti just say the word. I'm busy tonight though. Take it easy!
8 September, 09:21; Toms, LATVIA
Guten Tag.
Du sein sehr hochwertig F1 pilot!
Wir verehren du.

8 September, 09:21; Stuart Morgan, United Kingdom
Michael please dont retire yet ,as youve still got what it takes to be no1 , dont let anybody push you out if you want to stay and you still love the sport ,then stay. Ive been a huge fan for ten years and cant imagine F1 without you .If in doubt always remember you are THE GREATEST RACING DRIVER WHO HAS EVER LIVED (FACT).
8 September, 09:21; Christian, Deutschland
Lieber Michael,

ich verfolge Deine Karriere schon seit anbegin. Es wäre schade, wenn Du gehen würdest, denn dann schliesst sich auch für mich ein Stück Formel1 Geschichte.
8 September, 09:21; Luisa, Italia
Caro Michael,

se ci vuoi bene come dici, non ci lasciare.

Grazie per tutto quello che hai fatto sinora per i tifosi di F1.

8 September, 09:20; Anne, Deutschland
Schumi hör bitte nicht auf
8 September, 09:20; Carlo, Roma-Italia
... la tua scelta sarà la più giusta!!!! Spero comunque che resterai a far parte della grande famiglia Ferrari. Grazie campione.
8 September, 09:20; Správce001, Czech republic
Please, stay... !!!!
8 September, 09:19; Axel Schneegass, Germany
Du gehörst einfach dazu!!!
8 September, 09:19; Дмитрий, Russia
For many your fans and not only yours you the legend and your leaving will mean Michael, that the Formula 1 has lost the great person. Remain all best still in периди...
8 September, 09:19; Евгений, Uzbekistan
Михаэль! Ты добился многого и думаю еще добьешься ! Да, ты уже на высоте, на трудно достижимой высоте, но есть еще куда двигаться ! Оставайся ! Этого хотят многигие !!!
8 September, 09:19; Wilson, Malaysia
You must win the driver championship for the year 2006. It will be a enormous triumph to catch up from behind and end up as a chiampion!!! Go! Michael!
8 September, 09:18; Narendra, India
Micheal, Please stay in F1
8 September, 09:18; zdvig, Russia
Please, stay in! All animals from Bobruisk with you!
8 September, 09:18; vinniez, netherlands
michael, I think i'm your biggest fan on earth and you achieved everything you wanted to achief, but, after winning the wordchampionship 2006:D, it's time to seriously think about youre decision. I hope you will continue racing untill I am unable to watch F1, but anyway, youre the best, please stay!
8 September, 09:17; Ruda, Czech Republic
Schumi stay please !!!!!!
You're the best
8 September, 09:17; Andreas Möller, Germany
The greatest driver ever must stay !!!!
8 September, 09:17; Alexander, Russia
You must not, but you can show the best of yourself - please, don't stop our race!
8 September, 09:16; Lauris, Latvia
Šumaher PALIEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:16; Chris Meis, The Netherlands
If you deside to stop, we ( My doughter 9 years) will never forget you. Still we hope that you will continue your carreer in F1. Kind regards, Lisa and Chris
8 September, 09:16; Anatol, Ukraine
Ukraine, Mikhael - forever!
8 September, 09:16; Andrew, Ogibin
Обязательно оставайся, чувак. Ты самый клёывй там. Нафига уходить, когда всё ещё так классно ездишь.
Drive more and more!
8 September, 09:16; Rossella, Italia
8 September, 09:16; Patrick, Deuschland

Schumi bleib bitte noch 1-2- Jährchen ! Zeig den Milchreisbubis wo der Haken hängt ! Du bist kein Rennopa und nicht zu alt für die F1 ! Lass dich doch nicht zu abspeisen ! Einen besseren wird es nie wieder geben und es wäre schade,wenn du jetzt so kurzfristig abtrittst !
Deutschland wird 2008 Europameister und du zum 10 mal Weltmeister in der F1 ! Dann kannst´e abtreten ! ;-)
8 September, 09:16; Victory, Ucraine
Please, stay. You are the best driver. Racings will be boring without you. You must win the Championship. You need us, your fans, and Ferrari.
8 September, 09:16; Davide, italia
Michael tu sei la forza trainante della F1, GO GO GO

8 September, 09:15; Angelika, Deutschland
Bitte höre nicht auf, auch wenn Dir jeder ein wenig mehr Familienleben gönnen würde. Ohne Dich wird die Formel 1 nicht mehr das sein, was sie uns über Jahre hinweg bedeutet hat. Jedesmal sitzen wir mit Freunden zusammen und fiebern mit. Nimm uns das bitte nicht.
8 September, 09:15; Grace, Malaysia
Schumi,stay please!!! Me and my family are always supported you and ferrari. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 09:15; Angela, Belgium
c'mon, please stay in the f1
we need you
8 September, 09:15; Fan, UK
F1 will be all the poorer without your huge chin and stupid jumps, please stay another season so that we can laugh at how much your stylist hates you for one more year.
8 September, 09:15; Mario, Italy
Michael please don't leave us alone!
I can't believe that you will leave Ferrari and F1... you are still the best.
We ask you at least one more year....and another two world championships!!
8 September, 09:15; Tina, China
Please don't go.You are God in my heart .No Michael ,No F1!
8 September, 09:15; Elodie, France
Please, Michael, stay in F1 ! You're still a talented driver , you're the best, you're the number one ! FORZA SCHUMI !
8 September, 09:15; alice, italia
schumi non ti ritirare!!!la f1 senza di te non sarà più la stessa...
8 September, 09:15; Leon Chen, China
I cannot imagine a F1 race without you!No one can do better than you.Please stay and we wanna see you beat that short bule guy!
8 September, 09:15; yan, china
8 September, 09:15; Oleg, Österreich
Do not go!
You are only champion.
8 September, 09:14; Александр, Белорусь
Михаэль! Оставайся в гонках, ведь ты легенда и нам твоим болельщикам не за кого будет болеть, переживать, радоваться победам.....ты нам нужен
8 September, 09:14; Mécano, France
Je souhaite que Michael Schumacher ne quitte pas la formule 1, car il à encore un très bon coup de volant et peut encore enrichir ses palmarès
8 September, 09:14; Janet Cox, UK
You are the reason I go to F1 races and the main reason I watch the sport on TV. I know that there are a lot of exciting young drivers poised to come into the sport. They want to measure themselves against the best. Without you there will be no definative measure.
8 September, 09:14; Serj, England
Please stay!
8 September, 09:13; Aniello, Italy
sei il migliore
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