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9 May, 05:01; Dawn, China
You are still the best to me, and that's enough.
9 May, 04:56; enzoferrari, china
8 May, 18:52; dy, China
8 May, 15:52; Michaelia Kwo, China
Michael, I saw you in MGP shop in Shanghai 3 weeks ago. And it was my first time to see you in such a close distance. I felt that there was no pity in my life any more. It was enough to see you for one time during my lifetime. Thank you so much for staying in F1. I'll always trust you and support you.
6 May, 11:33; Schiplove, China
my dearest baby,it's very chill in Turkey.Take care for yourself and don't catch a cold!~Good luck this weekend!~
3 May, 05:08; Daniel Zerres, Kalkar, NRW, Deutschland
Projekt 1 - wir werden in Istanbul siegen!
1 May, 04:00; Schiplove, China
29 April, 08:28; Schiplove, China
我爱你……一辈子都不够……你说怎么办呢? ……
28 April, 12:47; Schiplove, China
宝贝 我一直能感觉到我们之间连接的那条无形的线 ……我知道 离你越来越近 一切必是注定 我会勇敢地走下去 像你教我的那样
28 April, 12:45; Schiplove, China
厂商代表 我还是有一点难过 我害怕 真的没有机会去欧洲看你一次……虽然一切真 的已经很完美很完美了……可是我还是想要更 完美一些……
28 April, 12:44; Schiplove, China
宝贝 虽然我一直说尊重你所有的决定 可是当我看到你说履行完3年的合同后出任厂
27 April, 04:10; Schiplove, China
过今年 但没想到 还是那样受眷顾。我唯一能做的 只能对上帝投以深深的信服和感激 继续在我们的路途上 坚定地走下去。
27 April, 04:10; Schiplove, China
拥有回忆的人才是富有的人 但现在我已然觉得自己太过富有了 谢谢你宝贝 谢谢你一直那么温婉仁慈 还有你身边的那么多great guys.本来经历过去年的巨大褒奖我想平淡地度
27 April, 04:06; Schiplove, China
宝贝 今年跟你在一起了那么久 在你身边那么久 Sabine在人群中看向我 对我那长长的温暖的微笑 让我走在你们身边 不断扭头看我对我笑着 笑着 她像个朋友一样跟我聊天 甚至引话题 直到现在这一切都让我觉得太过负重。去年的 一切与之相比都相形见绌。
24 April, 10:56; Schiplove, China
22 April, 18:36; greta, China
michael,this year in Shanghai.I see you,finally. It reminds me of the shy little girl 8 years ago whose world was you.At that time,her only dream was to see you once in person and say to you"you are the best."Now 8 years has passed,and she has finally realized her dream and has shouted many sentences of "you are the best forever."to you.And now all i remember is your smile,truly beautiful,big smile.I was endowed the most beautiful and amazing memory of my life.THANK YOU!The happiest thing is being so lucky to have the chance to know you,like you and love you,is being a little fan of you.The most grateful thing is that you are still here when we now grow up from a little girl to a grown-up.Thank you,michael.Thank you for being here.Thank you for coming back after all the three years in which we nearly gave up our hope and thought of losing you forever.Thank you for giving us the chance to look at you and cheer for you again.Thank you for giving us the chance to make up for the past regrets.Thank you for knowing the existence of us and always giving smiles to us.You are soooooo nice!You are a fantasy,a miracle.we love you,michael.Thank you,michael,thank you.We are always here for you.We said it and we'll live up to it.SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.GOOD LUCK,BABE.
20 April, 04:48; Cindy JY, CHINA
19 April, 07:20; SL, CHINA
你对车队来说,发展和推广的意义更甚,对我 们来说,是精神坐标,有那么点坚持才能走出 迷茫永不放弃。
19 April, 07:18; SL, CHINA
19 April, 07:15; SL, CHINA
我不敢回忆这十年,每一篇写的好的文章都能 让我控制不住情绪,那些记忆里的名字被翻出 来时其实都特别难过。事实是我没有立场和资 格去装透彻,一切都是用来写进荣誉簿和成长 故事的。但是你和他们一样,让我懂得该在年 轻的时候奋斗,去挑战自我,在失败中不断爬 起,最后才能一直向前闯。所以努力之类的话 不用再说。不管是5年没看的还是现在重回的
18 April, 13:19; Evelyn, CHINA
It's a wonderful game.The only pity is that I can only hear your voice but see noting in front of the Mercedes exhibition stand.Danke Michael.
16 April, 18:35; Evelyn, CHINA
我告诉自己一定要去,只是因为你在那里,不 是因为什么成绩。
16 April, 09:49; SivaGuy, China
Will tomorrow be raining in Shanghai? Haha, cos I'd like to see a race in rain, which Schumi is good at.
15 April, 10:02; Che, China
Thank YOU Schumi
13 April, 17:11; SL, CHINA
9 April, 11:20; Schiplove, China
要证明什么……只是我想承受所有的悲伤让你 快乐……
9 April, 11:20; Schiplove, China
宝贝 酱油我们一起打 你是最慢的那个蜗牛我也会永远都那么爱你! 你变成个卖鞋的我也会那么爱!8年了,我还
1 April, 14:31; SL, CHINA
人生之不如意十有八九,是因为我知道有你在 。
29 March, 11:46; F1, CHINA
29 March, 11:45; F1, CHINA
27 March, 08:32; Jessica, China
Danke Schumi.
26 March, 10:28; Apple Dai, China
Cheer up! Tomorrow from the 11th start, we believe you!! It's so exciting to see you at Shanghai prix again!!!
25 March, 16:22; liziying, China
Good luck this weekend!
I hope you all the best!!
Love you forever!!
25 March, 11:17; F1, CHINA
25 March, 03:29; F1, CHINA
25 March, 03:28; F1, CHINA
25 March, 03:27; F1, CHINA
25 March, 03:26; F1, CHINA
25 March, 03:25; F1, CHINA
23 March, 16:30; vschumacher, china
17 March, 19:17; angelika, Kleve/Germany
Hallo an alle Formel 1 und Schumi-Fans.
Ich freue mich auf das ertse Rennen. Aber im Augenblick bin ich total geschockt wegen Japan. Die Menschen dort tun mir sehr leid und was berichtet wird im TV ist sehr sehr schlimm. Die armen Menschen haben zum Teil alles verloren, erst das Erdbeben, dann der Tsunami und nun auch noch das Elend mit dem Atomkraftwerk. Ich hoffe und bete, daß es noch alles zum besseren wird. Ich denke jeden Tag an das Land des Lächelns der aufgehenden Sonne. Möge doch noch eine schützende Hand über dieses Land kommen. Ich hoffe es sehr. Gruss Angelika vom Niederrhein
12 March, 03:53; F1, CHINA
12 March, 03:52; F1, CHINA
12 March, 03:51; F1, CHINA
12 March, 03:51; F1, CHINA
8 March, 14:46; kevin, Denmark
you and vettel is cool
6 March, 16:50; SL, CHINA
3 March, 18:17; Angelica, Cleve/Germany
Hallo Michael Schumacher und Formula 1 Fans!
F 1 is coming March 2011. I am happy. I am a big, big, big Michael Schumacher Fan. Good Luck Saison 2011. I am Fan 1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003, 2004,2005,2006 ( im am miserable in 2007,2008,2009) and i am happy 2010,2011,2012. And 2013? 2014? 2015? usw.
Please Michael You forever Formula 1. You are the best Driver. I love You. Regards Angelica
21 February, 10:44; MS, 中国
21 February, 10:43; MS, 中国
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