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3 May, 05:38; tiantian, china
having decided to stay in the school until the summer holiday,maybe i can not see you here until then ,just wish you happy ,please believe i would forever stand by you~~~
1 May, 12:13; 婷, CHINA
1 May, 11:04; BYE, China
1 May, 09:16; Love7Schumi, China
You are my king!I am fully of joy now!
1 May, 07:24; tiantian, china
i am back!How about you?
Are you fine?
will you go to spain?
wish to see you ~~
30 April, 06:09; 小k, China
U R the only one we truly care about
Nothing in this world can be as precious as u
Do remember we are here by your side whenever and wherever u need us
How wonderful life is to have u in this world
And we will love u until our dying day
29 April, 14:57; shiplove, CHINA
Pay full attention to the Swine Flu please!~~
29 April, 14:03; Love7Schumi, China
You\'re my soul...
29 April, 12:34; snow, China
宝贝 快来北京吧!
28 April, 17:32; Liya, China
These days, I\'m blue.
Shumi , can you give me power to overcome?
28 April, 16:58; shiplove, CHINA

28 April, 16:57; shiplove, CHINA
我 爱 你
28 April, 16:54; 婷, CHINA
舒米,我几天心情超不好的,但是具体又说不 出来,每次想太多的时候就容易烦躁,心情就 低落,放松下来,不要想太多!加油!!。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。
28 April, 14:57; luyueming, china
schumi i am very happy you can come to beijing ,i hope i can
see you at that time
miss you
27 April, 15:43; 潇乐, 中国
27 April, 09:16; shiplove, CHINA
for you\'re here,
I will never feel isolate...
27 April, 09:10; 秋, CHINA
I Miss you````
26 April, 10:06; 秋, china
where are you .we need you .
26 April, 08:51; Abdulrahman, Bahrain
you are my best driver schumi, i miss you very much.come back
25 April, 19:53; 婷, CHINA
25 April, 06:10; 秋, china
miss you so much.
24 April, 23:50; baraccuda, Latvia
schumacher is good driver, but not the best. Hamilton and Vettel are better, because they are better than Alonso, who is equal with schumacher.
22 April, 17:31; Alice, Lithuania
I hope to see you in Bachrein :)
22 April, 17:15; yue, China
schumi,I miss you now.
22 April, 12:21; shiplove, CHINA
I have made a speech standing before many a people today.

Sorry I haven not made it perfect.

If I haven\'t been such noverse,I should make it better even to perfect.

Lots of the contestants are very outstanding.

I know I should learn more and more. =)
21 April, 15:56; Dawn, China
20 April, 16:48; 婷, CHINA
请让我不呀这么自卑,要有信心!加油哦,要 相信世间的美好!
20 April, 15:31; Dawn, China
20 April, 15:18; ms。jing, 中国
19 April, 14:42; Lavence, CHina
I love you, Schumi.
19 April, 12:25; shiplove, China
I\'ll like him

A driver whom you also like

A driver who also a German

I think you\'ll be happy for me.Right?
19 April, 02:31; shiplove, China
My dearest...

I believe you...

I trust you most...

See you this November...

See you in Beijing which so near to me now...

I also believe that we gonna have lots of fun...

Thank you so so so so so much...

I am looking forward to it...

Thank you again...

My dearest forever
17 April, 10:56; luyueming, china
i really miss you so much
16 April, 19:09; t, england
well mr schumacher,the team you gave your all to and revived from near death decided not to set the record straight about which one of the wallys realy decided to screw raikonans race up and let the media blame you ,we all no it was dominicali thats why theyve reshuffled but they should of had the bottle to stand up and be counted ,i still think you left f1 to early because theres no doubt what so ever that you would of been chaseing title number ten because raikonan nor massa have shown the consistancy and dedication you showed hence 7 world titles,ferraris only hope of driver success is you simple as that .............f1still needs you and ferrari still needs you come out of retirement and show your team mates what a real champ can do in that dog of a car they built
16 April, 15:44; 薄荷, China
I have a date with you in Beijing.I 
16 April, 15:43; 薄荷, China
14 April, 11:10; Love7Schumi, China
薄荷,是给我说吗?我去不了啊,到时候高三 。
太遗憾了 到时候贴吧组团去 哈哈
16 April, 13:09; estelle, China
Ich liebe dich,schumi⋯⋯
15 April, 05:05; fei, China
Michael I miss you so much
15 April, 04:37; savann, China
呃...真是抱歉的哈...国籍都打错了...china china china china
15 April, 04:34; sanvannah, Chian
14 April, 16:48; 婷, CHINA
14 April, 13:02; shiplove, China

我会 永 远 爱 你。
14 April, 11:10; Love7Schumi, China
薄荷,是给我说吗?我去不了啊,到时候高三 。
12 April, 17:08; 薄荷, China
11 April, 10:06; Love7Schumi, China
Welcome to Beijing!
Althought i can\\\'t go there to meet you, I believe LOTS OF Chinese fans will treasure you!We all love you so much that you\\\'ll have a great time in China!


If he comes to BeiJing, Can I go with you ?
12 April, 05:44; tiantian, china
真的宁愿永远没有你消息,也不要听到那么对 你污蔑,很心疼!
11 April, 10:06; Love7Schumi, China
Welcome to Beijing!
Althought i can\'t go there to meet you, I believe LOTS OF Chinese fans will treasure you!We all love you so much that you\'ll have a great time in China!
11 April, 05:36; shiplove, China
If you know
There\'s a huge crowd who appreciate and cherish you so much that they often fear what is harmful for you.
They often argue with those devils who call you devil.
They feel guilty about protecting you just in vain more often.
If you know all this,
will you be happier?
9 April, 07:44; 瑶, China
Michael, now I\'m having computer class.
I miss you so much, you know?
The next race will be in Shanghai, will you come?
It\'s my country!
Welcome to China!
Welcome to Beijing!

Sorry,I\'m not good at English.
8 April, 14:38; 雪, China
turn your eyes to the sky that\'s the only thing bigger than you
8 April, 13:06; 龙萌瑶, China
Schumi, sorry I\'m not good at English.
I am your fan forever.
How are you?
Thanks a lot, Schumi.

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