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16 May, 19:17; Luyefar, China
I am speechless.
Good luck to You and Ferrari.
16 May, 16:25; shiplove, China









14 May, 20:14; Gert Sheqi, Albania
Please , Michael , if you don\'t gone return the Team F1 Ferrari gone lose everything ! You love Ferrari and Ferrari loves you . You are the best , the others are only the rest !
Michael SchumAlbaner !
Ferrari for life !
14 May, 12:50; shiplove, CHINA


13 May, 14:45; Ace, China
Michael Schumacher
Without you
F1 is nothing to me
13 May, 06:06; shiplove, CHINA
your neck...

but I know you have right to do anything as you\'re willing to...

it\'s annoying me you know...

the alternative between make you happy and reassure myself...
11 May, 20:01; Marco, Germany
Hallo Michael
Immer wieder komme ich auf diese Seite. Seitdem du ausgestiegen bist, ist Formel 1 nicht mehr das gleiche!!!
Wir alle wollen dich wieder sehen!!!!!
11 May, 14:42; shiplove, CHINA
I had lost my face many times today...

I know my brain gets rusty now...

I am really feeling guilty...

But I know what should I do...

I know what\'s my mission...

I know...

Please trust me...

10 May, 16:49; 婷, CHINA
这几天一直不舒服,今天回学校了,好想继续 待在家。。。
10 May, 03:20; shiplove, CHINA
I am really so sorry that I has done other things when another picture of you presents.
9 May, 09:20; 若苦ziva, CHINA
8 May, 14:13; march, china
6 May, 16:49; shiplove, CHINA
I think I am numb now.

Except the feeling and emotions caused by you.

I do not treat many people as well as before.

I do not mind they have broken my heart.

I do not mind em\' any more.

do not...

But I still keep with all my strength,passion,expectation and faith that you bring to me as before.

.I hope I can not only address all problems myself better,but improve every presence of me better as well.
4 May, 13:31; Rob Miller, US
4 May, 13:28; Rob Miller, US
Cool site.
4 May, 13:27; Rob Miller, USA
I liked your site.
4 May, 12:58; shiplove, CHINA

I got it

3 May, 16:42; shiplove, CHINA
快进到了领奖...我以为我会很平静呢...可是 我还是激动地涌着眼泪...你印在我脑海里的形 象远比我想象的深刻...然后我真的感到 十分想念2003和2004...I miss your smile I miss your jump I miss your gestures I miss your manners I miss everything in that years...so so so much...



3 May, 16:41; shiplove, CHINA
-我想你 这一次我真实地知道我处在想你的状态 2004的Sepang终于下载好了...我还是看到第3圈就
3 May, 15:21; shiplove, CHINA
I miss you

I miss the 2003 and 2004

I miss you so so so much...

I am really wanna go back to this years...

I still cannot help crying when I saw your champion in Sepang 2004 just now...

I miss the celebration...

I miss the anthem...

I miss your smile...

I miss your gesture...

I miss your jump...

I miss your manners...

I miss your everything...everything in such years...

3 May, 12:53; ferrarilys, CHINA
Michael ! ! I love you forever ! I want to see you and I miss you.... You are my world.
3 May, 05:38; tiantian, china
having decided to stay in the school until the summer holiday,maybe i can not see you here until then ,just wish you happy ,please believe i would forever stand by you~~~
1 May, 12:13; 婷, CHINA
1 May, 11:04; BYE, China
1 May, 09:16; Love7Schumi, China
You are my king!I am fully of joy now!
1 May, 07:24; tiantian, china
i am back!How about you?
Are you fine?
will you go to spain?
wish to see you ~~
30 April, 06:09; 小k, China
U R the only one we truly care about
Nothing in this world can be as precious as u
Do remember we are here by your side whenever and wherever u need us
How wonderful life is to have u in this world
And we will love u until our dying day
29 April, 14:57; shiplove, CHINA
Pay full attention to the Swine Flu please!~~
29 April, 14:03; Love7Schumi, China
You\'re my soul...
29 April, 12:34; snow, China
宝贝 快来北京吧!
28 April, 17:32; Liya, China
These days, I\'m blue.
Shumi , can you give me power to overcome?
28 April, 16:58; shiplove, CHINA

28 April, 16:57; shiplove, CHINA
我 爱 你
28 April, 16:54; 婷, CHINA
舒米,我几天心情超不好的,但是具体又说不 出来,每次想太多的时候就容易烦躁,心情就 低落,放松下来,不要想太多!加油!!。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。
28 April, 14:57; luyueming, china
schumi i am very happy you can come to beijing ,i hope i can
see you at that time
miss you
27 April, 15:43; 潇乐, 中国
27 April, 09:16; shiplove, CHINA
for you\'re here,
I will never feel isolate...
27 April, 09:10; 秋, CHINA
I Miss you````
26 April, 10:06; 秋, china
where are you .we need you .
26 April, 08:51; Abdulrahman, Bahrain
you are my best driver schumi, i miss you very much.come back
25 April, 19:53; 婷, CHINA
25 April, 06:10; 秋, china
miss you so much.
24 April, 23:50; baraccuda, Latvia
schumacher is good driver, but not the best. Hamilton and Vettel are better, because they are better than Alonso, who is equal with schumacher.
22 April, 17:31; Alice, Lithuania
I hope to see you in Bachrein :)
22 April, 17:15; yue, China
schumi,I miss you now.
22 April, 12:21; shiplove, CHINA
I have made a speech standing before many a people today.

Sorry I haven not made it perfect.

If I haven\'t been such noverse,I should make it better even to perfect.

Lots of the contestants are very outstanding.

I know I should learn more and more. =)
21 April, 15:56; Dawn, China
20 April, 16:48; 婷, CHINA
请让我不呀这么自卑,要有信心!加油哦,要 相信世间的美好!
20 April, 15:31; Dawn, China
20 April, 15:18; ms。jing, 中国
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