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21 April, 13:55; tiantian, china
you smiled to me,then my world shining~~dear,we are here just waiting for you~
19 April, 14:59; SL, CHINA
I am grateful that you are the person who I've followed.
So,no pity or regret.
It's the whole momery of my 2010.You are here ,and I'm here.
Never say sorry,dear.
19 April, 07:29; Daisy Young, China
Dear ,best wish to you!
18 April, 22:03; Che, china
oops clicked submit by mistake

all the best to you and your family
hope the volcanic ashes can soon disperse
Thank you Schumi. Thank you Schumi. Thank you Schumi
18 April, 21:58; Che, China
Schumi, thanking you for bringing sunshine to my life

your fans in China, we will support you and love you no matter what happens, it's not about your titles, it's not about your standing. it's about all sorts of good things you've brought to our lives. Please be happy and safe. all the bests to you and your family.
18 April, 15:48; Miffy Guo, China
The best present is your comback. No matter what happens, we are always with you.
18 April, 14:15; Veronica, CHINA
Dear Schumi :
Please don't sorry to us.You are our hero 4ever and we'll always right here for you!
The only thing we want is your smile~!
18 April, 11:40; Lisa, China
I will follow with you forever!
18 April, 11:06; Henrietta, RF
You are our king, Michael!
F1 is nothing without you.
Your fans love you, believe in you and support you!
17 April, 19:11; Eve Yao, China
Good Luck tomorrow !
17 April, 17:06; 奈奈米豆, China
天哪~你就在我眼前~我们那么那么地接近~ 仿佛伸手就可以触摸到你飞驰的车~
17 April, 17:03; 奈奈米豆, China
michael,I can‘t believe !
you are just there!
good luck tomorrow~C U~
17 April, 16:46; Miffy Guo, China
Good luck in Shanghai, Michael.
I will always be with you.
See you tomorrow.
17 April, 10:42; vivian, china
today is ur first come-back performance in shanghai. i'm too scared to watch it. my ankle fractured 2 weeks ago. my heart sank realizing i could not go to shanghai gp. schumi, i just could not stop loving u. no matter what happened, i would always be right by ur side. ich liebe dich und ich muss mutig sein.
13 April, 05:43; tet, philippines
thank you for coming back Michael! I was finally able to meet and see you drive last weekend in Sepang. I thought I'd never get that chance after your retirement in 2006. Thank you thank you! You are always my hero and whatever happens, I will never stop supporting you :)
12 April, 16:02; lisa, china shanghai
my hero!! thank you foy your coming back.
i know three things. the sun for the day , the moon for the night,and you for me forever !! you are the best , you are my sunshine in my life !!
12 April, 15:25; liziying, China
Shumacher, I love you forever! See you this weekend and good luck! You are the king! God bless you at anytime!
9 April, 14:30; 吴元珏, CHINA
let me see U,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
9 April, 08:12; 飒飒, china
michael see you in shanghai
7 April, 06:11; tiantian, china
thanks god,i will be there to meet with you!
5 April, 11:15; 王者归来, China
虽然新赛季开头不是很顺利,但我相信,以前 那个所向无敌的你一定会回来的,加油!!! !!!!
4 April, 11:53; 吴元珏, 上海
We will wait you in shanghai!
You are the king of F1 forever and ever!!!!!!!
4 April, 11:51; SHOWME, CHINA
schumi wit us
4 April, 10:37; Miffy Guo, China
It's not your fault to withdraw from the race. It is certain that you will win in the next race, SHAHGHAI! I am always be with you.
3 April, 16:33; 飒飒, china
schumi , the result of passed races was just a slight aspect to show how great you are. we know that you are far better than we can imagine! come on ! there will never be another you !!!
3 April, 15:18; Miffy Guo, China
Good luck tomorrow.
We will always be with you, Schumi.
3 April, 14:39; angelar, china
i never doubt someday you will be back
3 April, 14:38; Angelar, shanghai,china
I never doubt someday you will be back !
2 April, 17:43; su, china
schumi,now i only want to hug you for a while.....only a while...i love you
29 March, 16:46; su, china
i know that's enough for you.
when i came back ,i saw you standing in the front the red car, you asked alonso why ///
i know you never lost your speed,but you need a faster car...
29 March, 13:43; HXP, china
说一堆废话,你先看不到,但愿吧,还是把前鼻翼 换掉,把头盔上的那圈黑色的文字去掉,你少了
29 March, 11:31; CacheWang, China
28 March, 12:37; HXP, CHINA
28 March, 12:36; HXP, CHINA
28 March, 12:36; HXP, CHINA
块换掉这个难看的前鼻翼,还没有刚出新车的 好看,快换,要不就掺了
28 March, 12:35; hxp, CHINA
敢快把那个难看的前鼻翼改掉,要不然你就慢 的要死,
28 March, 11:54; SL, China
Today, I sat in a crowded classroom, waiting for N to report to me the process, getting the results and then tossed to lectures. Was about to leave,I heard the girl in the back seat say she is your fan, and also to watch your performance, even though need to skip an important class,crazy like me. In addition to cry at that moment there is no other emotion in my mind. We all grow in the selection and give up, persist in all the way, and therefore results itself does not matter, I just want you safe, to drive in our memory.
28 March, 10:52; vivian, china
对不起舒米 我没法儿去上海陪你 我今天足球比赛的时候被人踢骨折了 盼了那么久的上海站 却以这样的方式被告知无法去看你 我好难过好难过 明天就要去医院打石膏了 我希望今年ROC时候还能够在北京看到你 那会儿我要把脚伤养好 去为你呐喊
27 March, 09:30; SL, China
I don't care the record,the result,the weather,regardless of familiarity.I said just to accompany you to come to final this time.
So,in all people have changed the scenery, my favorite or do you.
May you be happy.
Melbourne.No sunshine.
25 March, 16:39; 布酱, china
昨天去上了第一节德语课,听着那些句子都觉 得离你更近一点
25 March, 14:35; 钱雅娟, china
schumi i love you
23 March, 03:24; HXP, CHINA
真的是要改一下,MGP W01的前鼻翼,你观察一下去年的GP,以及以前所
23 March, 03:22; HXP, 中国/CHINA
你好,我是你的车迷,我想说的是MGP W01这款车的前鼻翼应该改成以前新车发布时的 鼻翼,这个太难看了,跟赛车整体很不协调,速度 也会上不去的,就跟F2005一样,前鼻翼都很难看,
22 March, 06:17; 布酱, china
小贝不能踢世界杯了,我能想象这对他的球迷 来说是多大的打击,就像当初你说要离开一样 ,感谢上天,你终于能再次回来。只愿你一切 安好,对于你的实力我从不怀疑。
20 March, 14:46; 飒飒, china
schumi please bless everybody who loves you .
thank you .i just hope that all my friends could be happy.
19 March, 05:29; 飒飒, china
schumi,have a good day today! and happy every day!!!

18 March, 22:39; faye, China
We miss you ! Thanks you are back
18 March, 09:47; 舒马赫的小熊, CHINA
17 March, 20:04; Cache, China
17 March, 20:01; CacheWang, China
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