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30 July, 13:46; kei, CHINA
welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 July, 13:34; IOVE MS, CHINA
30 July, 13:08; love you forever, china
thank you for your returning
30 July, 13:06; love you forwvwe, china
thank you for your returning
30 July, 12:02; Wayne, China
Forever winner in my mind! MIchael Schumacher!
30 July, 11:08; Corinna Fan, china
30 July, 10:47; LoveSchumi,, china
30 July, 09:55; Yuki, China
Willkommen zurück!
Ich liebe dich!
30 July, 09:47; star, china
welcome back
30 July, 09:14; 边, china
30 July, 09:01; Noah, China
Welcome back dear !!
30 July, 08:29; ruoku, CHINA
schumi,I just want to say,thank you ,really really thank you```we are waitting for you all the time```thank you for your retunrning```
30 July, 07:46; 小猪侠, 中国
welcome back! we will always love you support you and never leave you!
30 July, 07:29; tiantian, china
welcome back!!!i love you!!!
30 July, 07:25; ZYX, CHINA
30 July, 06:57; 大傻, china
激动得要哭了 舒米最棒了 爱舒米
30 July, 06:46; whitemoon, china
30 July, 06:38; Miffy Guo, China
Ich liebe dich fur immer!
30 July, 06:35; 织叶, China
30 July, 06:27; shumi Ich liebe dich, China
30 July, 06:06; Monica, Canada
Wow! A fan\'s dream come true! This has been a very interesting year in F1, and now it will be even more so! Welcome back, Michael! (And you\'re still younger than Fangio when he won several titles!) Best of luck! This is going to be FUN!
30 July, 05:59; ryuichisome, china

30 July, 05:45; Love7Schumi, China
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 July, 04:54; Delia, China
it is so exciting that you come back!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
30 July, 04:30; 华, CHINA
30 July, 04:12; 陈如珂, 中国
欢迎回家舒米!这条新闻是三年以来最好的新 闻!
30 July, 04:04; Amanda, China
Unbelievable!You\'ve come back~
I miss you~
30 July, 03:48; Che, China
Schumi =) Schumi =) Schumi =)
30 July, 03:44; joyce, china
thanks for your come back!!!thanks
30 July, 03:02; Dawn, China
你有一万个理由不回来 可你还是回来了
谢谢 真的
比赛很重要 但是安全最重要
30 July, 02:52; Rashk, Deutschland
Der Konig ist zuruck!!!!!!!!!
30 July, 02:33; long, china
thanks for coming back!!!!!I will be in favour of you forever!!!!加油,舒马赫!!!!!!!
30 July, 02:33; Villr, CHINA

30 July, 02:21; 77, CHINA
30 July, 02:19; 77, CHINA
30 July, 00:55; TIFOSI, CHINA
welcome back!
30 July, 00:00; Stefan, Germany
noch vor ein paar Tagen hätte ich niemals mit dem Gedanken gespielt mir Karten für Spa zu besorgen - ich kann es noch gar nicht glauben, Dich nach Hockenheim 2000 wieder live zu erleben - Danke Schumi, gute Besserung Felipe
29 July, 23:56; Amito, Holland
Yes...another chance to see you racing.
29 July, 23:50; Андрей, Лось
Михаэль, СПАСИБО!!!!
Искренне ждём твоего возвращения!!!!!
29 July, 23:40; Erik Nilsen Aamot, Norway
Fantastic too have you back Michael, cant wait for the rest of the season.
All the best too Felipe as well, for a speedy recovery!

29 July, 23:37; rico, deutschland
wie sehr hab ich diesen moment beigesehnt - endlich mal eine richtig geile nachricht in diesem jahr!!! ich kanns immer noch nicht fassen... YYYYIIIIIIPPPPPPEEEEEAAAAA
29 July, 23:25; Petko, Bulgaria
Welcome back,Michael ... so happy :)
29 July, 23:01; 褚禹, China
I\'ll always love you~
welcome back!!!
29 July, 22:12; claus, españa
got is back
schumi a vuelto ,todabia no me lo creo , al oir la noticia casi me salen las lagrimas .
llevo 3 años esperando esto .
para mi un sueño hecho realidad
29 July, 22:03; Octav, Moldova
Welcome back! :)
29 July, 21:42; JZ900, Deuscthland
Ich freue mich riesig auf deine Rückkehr!!!
29 July, 21:19; G M, Germany
It is amazing, Schumi is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29 July, 21:01; Vittorio, Italia
Grazie, grazie, grazie Michael... ora si che ci divertiremo!!!
29 July, 20:59; me521333, china
29 July, 20:57; me521333, china
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