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8 August, 01:28; JosephOblip, Israel
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7 August, 23:03; JosephOblip, Israel
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7 August, 22:49; Morganzer, Brazil
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7 August, 22:44; Blenderdkg, Belarus
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7 August, 22:28; Joshuaemown, Mauritius
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7 August, 22:17; Morganzer, Brazil
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7 August, 22:16; Waynevor, Greenland
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7 August, 22:09; JosephOblip, Israel
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7 August, 22:02; CalvinDyday, Andorra
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7 August, 21:52; Waynevor, Greenland
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7 August, 21:39; Joshuaemown, Mauritius
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7 August, 21:37; Waynevor, Greenland
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7 August, 21:30; Joshuaemown, Mauritius
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7 August, 21:29; CalvinDyday, Andorra
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7 August, 20:58; JosephOblip, Israel
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7 August, 20:51; Joshuaemown, Mauritius
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7 August, 20:40; Morganzer, Brazil
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7 August, 19:46; AlfredoKip, Mali
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