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22 March, 06:17; 布酱, china
小贝不能踢世界杯了,我能想象这对他的球迷 来说是多大的打击,就像当初你说要离开一样 ,感谢上天,你终于能再次回来。只愿你一切 安好,对于你的实力我从不怀疑。
20 March, 14:46; 飒飒, china
schumi please bless everybody who loves you .
thank you .i just hope that all my friends could be happy.
19 March, 05:29; 飒飒, china
schumi,have a good day today! and happy every day!!!

18 March, 22:39; faye, China
We miss you ! Thanks you are back
18 March, 09:47; 舒马赫的小熊, CHINA
17 March, 20:04; Cache, China
17 March, 20:01; CacheWang, China
16 March, 18:38; Che, China
Hi, Schumi, How are you today? =)
16 March, 14:07; Cecilia, China
16 March, 09:07; Ancelika, Cleve/Germany
Hallo Schumi!!!!
Thank you for comeback.Good luck 2010.
Schumi i love you, you are my Hero and you the best.

FOREVER MICHAEL, Your Fan from Niederrhein
16 March, 08:45; 白白, CHINA
还是红色呢舒米。这几天看了小贝的悲情离场 。还有很多不好的事儿。
16 March, 04:16; 白白, CHINA
Michael , we still have tomorrow.
15 March, 14:40; 阿布, China
想象了很多遍,终于看到的还是你不在法拉利 的比赛,但是不管怎样,你回来就好。
15 March, 13:27; 舒马赫的小熊, CHINA
其实每天在这个网站和你说说话的感觉真的挺 好的。
只是在你离开那么长时间内。我都不敢去看你 给我签名的那个视频。呵呵,因为怕自己哭奥 。
15 March, 12:04; su, china
第七对于你而言,虽然不像第一那么的光鲜, 可是,我已经足够了,已经很满意了。只要你 回来了,就很好了!love you!
15 March, 08:06; was, china
15 March, 08:03; 郭培涛, 中国
15 March, 03:39; Che, China
correction ~~
* for what you did ~~
15 March, 00:53; Che, China
Schumi, Thank you for coming back! I'm just grateful for you did.
Exellent job in Bahrain.!!!!!
14 March, 22:08; 舒马赫的小熊, CHINA
Dear schumi.
thanks for coming back...danke....
we love u.
14 March, 16:08; Dawn, China
14 March, 16:08; Tracy, China
My hero,you are so great! No.6~Well done!
I believe your performance will more and more wonderful^.^
14 March, 12:57; Boyi Wang, China
Never leave us,please
Without you,f1 means nothing to me
You means the sun,water,
I gain courage from you
14 March, 12:05; Miffy Guo, China
Good luck, Michael.
14 March, 11:30; 白白, CHINA
14 March, 09:59; Dawn, China
Gib Gas!
14 March, 06:07; su, china
i think you can ...win
14 March, 05:46; vivian, china
舒米今儿是新赛季的第一场正赛了 我不管你排位有多不理想 我也不管导播给不给你镜头 我就是只要看到你比赛 看到你在赛道上 就很幸福很幸福 你知道吗 我们这群人 因为你而彼此熟识 并且希望一直能够为你疯狂下去 很神奇不是吗 我们爱你 好运舒米
13 March, 20:33; 箭头, China
Schumi,you're the best!
We'll waiting for you in Shanghai

回飒飒,卡车,还有那个不太熟的童鞋···一 起给舒米加油吧~~~他一定会很快统治比赛哒~~~
13 March, 17:32; Vova, Ukraine
7 place as in Spa 1991, all repeats )))
Good luck tomorrow !!!!!!!
13 March, 16:44; Miffy Guo, China
Schumi, thank you for your back.
I just want to see you again and that's enough.
I'm going to watch your game in Shanghai.
Wait for me!
Wish you good luck tomorrow my hero!
13 March, 16:33; jan, CHINA
waiting for your performance tomorrow~~
you are always the best~~~
13 March, 15:07; myifan, 名子
之于今天的比赛,我只看我想看的一点,M.schmache r回到赛场上了,而他的表现让我有充足的理由
13 March, 10:34; 阿布, China
I can't wait to see u.Good luck,Schumi.
13 March, 08:10; 飒飒, china
today is going to be a pretty special day ,both for you and us.
come on schumi! we are waiting for your good news
12 March, 16:59; 阿布, China
11 March, 16:17; 飒飒, china
just fight !just show the others how brilliant you are!
11 March, 11:01; 阿布, China
Mi manchi tanttissimo.
11 March, 06:49; lester sun, china
see you in shanghai!
11 March, 01:56; Shiang, China
感觉这一切来得好快啊~但是真的很幸福。。 。
See you driving and racing again, aftet 3 years...
Wish you all the best!
10 March, 21:15; Monica, Canada
Bahrein this weekend! Go Schumi!!
10 March, 15:56; Dawn, China
10 March, 15:05; su, china
i feel tired,but when i see your face ,i realize what i should do.i know when you meet problems ,doing your umost is your chice.and ,mine is also that .
Good luck !
Now health is the first thing !
10 March, 11:32; 飒飒, china
schumi,long time no see!
sorry,i was busy with my school affairs these days ,but
finally my efforts worked!
i have achieved a huge dream of mine,and hope you can
realize yours!
we are always stand by you !

哈哈 箭头!mua
卡车 水水更健康嘛!
10 March, 07:14; 阿布, China
你已经去巴林了吧,真快,感谢这天终于要来 了。
10 March, 04:04; Qin, China
Thank for coming back !
The day is coming...
9 March, 12:41; 阿布, China
看到采访其他德国车手的那些回答,无论怎样 ,他们都还是那么敬佩你,你不会让我们失望 的。
8 March, 05:16; 阿布, China
因为以前从来没想过你能回来,现在太激动了 ,一天天的倒数。。。我很想你
7 March, 15:52; su, china
7 March, 08:09; 布酱, China
今天在商场看见上海站的海报,你占了好大的 篇幅,真好,你一直都在。
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